Wilderness Survival: Staying Alive Until Help Arrives

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With this well-organized and easy-to-read book, hikers, climbers, mountain bikers, backcountry horsemen, and others can hit the trail with extra confidence. Good equipment and knowledge of how to survive the unexpected make for a safe wilderness experience. Wilderness Survival contains helpful information on trip planning, staying found, what to do if you get lost, survival priorities, and dealing with unpredictable Mother Nature…. More >>

Wilderness Survival: Staying Alive Until Help Arrives

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  1. “Wilderness Survival” is well written and an excellent book to motivate you to study further (and the author encourages this frequently), but as an instruction manual it is severely limited. Though you can’t expect in-depth coverage of many different topics in a book so small, the author fails to cover any single topic adequately. She does provide a list of emergency equipment that would likely be helpful to those unaccustomed to wilderness environments, but overall the book doesn’t provide sufficient information to justify its purchase.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. This is a surprisingly useful book for being so small. Suzanne Swedo has over twenty years of experience as a teacher of outdoor survival skills. It shows.

    The author knows that most survival situations are resolved within 48 hours, so she concentrates on the issues that matter most during that time including signaling for help, staying adequately warm (fire, clothing, shelter), and how to keep yourself adequately hydrated. She also includes a useful list of equipment to take along and some good tips on what to do if you become lost.

    This book is small enough to take along with you out into the backcountry, but you might want to put it inside a plastic bag if you do so because (unlike some other survival manuals) it’s not written on rain-resistant paper.

    This book does a good job of helping you to learn what you will need, how urgently you will need it, and how you could get it in an outdoor survival situation.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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