Wilderness Survival Overview

For more information and a free Survival Guide, visit: www.outdooru.com What happens when you are deep in the wilderness, and after many hours tracking the most majestic 7-point elk youve ever seen, you find yourself completely disoriented even though youve been hunting these parts for years. Nothing looks familiar then suddenly the weather changes. Temperatures plummet. Thick fog descends. Rain and snow beat down on you, chilling you to the bone. Cold, wet, and lost. Will you make it back alive? Learning the basic survival skills can be a matter of Life and Death. You cant predict where or when you might find yourself in a survival situation, and thats why preparation is of paramount importance. Wilderness Survival will teach you the core Three-Step Approach to Survival and The Five Survival Essentials designed and developed by leading global survival expert, Greg Davenport.