Wilderness Survival Gear For Hiking And Backpacking

As backpacking and hiking equipment has become more sophisticated, people have gotten more daring, and at times even reckless. Humans, it seems, have an inherent need to prove they can survive in the wilderness. More and more hikers and rock climbers are backpacking deeper and deeper into the unknown wilds. These are not your weekend campers. Rather, these are serious nature lovers who look and find there own truth, each time they venture outdoors. There is obvious gear and equipment they utilize, both traditional and futuristic. This article will attempt to verify some of the accepted items to pack, as well as some new options to think about.

When packing, it doesn’t matter what type of activity you are going to undertake, there several unwritten rules one has to abide by. First, you must pack  light, and include the basics of food, water and a way to purify it, first aid kit, and some kind of fire starter. A map and compass, so you have an idea on where you’re going and how to get there. Include some type of multipurpose knife or tool that can perform a number of tasks, from cutting branches to removing splinters. Don’t forget your sunglasses and some sun screen. A flashlight and extra batteries, even if you are taking some type of lamp. Now, this is very important. Even though you are trying to keep it light, you must take extra food, as well as rain wear and extra clothing, including a hat.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the use of futuristic equipment. I’m referring of course to GPS and beacon technology. Purists don’t want anything electronic, and the other camp feels they should take advantage of anything that will get them home safely. The current expense of these devices does make them cost prohibitive. Also, in the case of an injury, these units don’t give the precise location of a victim, so you will still need some sort of signaling device, like a mirror or whistle.

I don’t feel that the future must all be electronic. I have come up with a patent pending concept that will satisfy both camps, and is so cost effective, anyone that backpacks, hikes, rock climbs, and camps, will be able to afford. In this day and age of electronics, I have devised something that is completely mechanical. There are no batteries or bad reception to worry about. Surviving in the wilderness should never come to mean survival. In this day and age, someone who is lost should only be thinking about being rescued.That is why we needThe LifeTracker.

The LifeTracker makes it possible for people to be found before panic on both sides will ever set in. It not only will save lives, but millions of dollars in search and rescue man hours. The LifeTracker is a device that in case of an emergency will, with the pull of a cord, jettisons a heavy  gauge red balloon attached to a 1000 ft fishing line up high enough for searchers or a rescue plane to see. The LifeTracker is a series of 3 different products designed to locate anyone lost in the wilderness, in hours rather than days.

The LifeTracker Belt is…4″ wide with pockets on the outside to store a thermal blanket and other survival supplies.

The LifeTracker Vest…Using the same concept as the “Belt” the vest inner side unzips to release a folded lean-to tent complete with telescopic 3 ft poles. Some people will prefer a vest and are willing to pay extra for the complete survival package. This offers a great option, and like the “Belt”, is very marketable.

The LifeTracker Flare Gun…Flare guns are very expensive and, of course, the flare only has a short life. With a small adjustment to the LifeTracker Device, it can easily be kept in a lightweight pistol, that can be stored in any backpack, vehicle, boat or plane.  It might even have military use.

The LifeTracker Series can be manufactured and sold inexpensively enough so that anyone who camps, hikes, rock climbs, or just ventures into the wilderness, will want to include it as part of their gear. Even if the rescue device is never activated, the gear becomes part of  everyday wilderness attire.
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Jack has always been in love with the outdoors. Now in his late 50’s, he lives in California surrounded by meadows and trees. So many people go missing each year, so he has come up with an idea to help find anyone lost in the wilderness, in hours rather than days.