Wilderness Programs for Troubled Teens

Wilderness therapy programs are referred to as Outdoor Education, have proven themselves to be exceptional catalysts for change in troubled children and teenagers.Teens are exposed to an environment where drugs, violence, sex, money and peer pressures are an ever-present force that affects both their behavior and perception of life.

We know that many young people today are in pain and struggle with feelings of frustration, anxiety and depression due to the stresses of modern life and the personal challenges they face. Oftentimes the struggle leads to feeling out of control and afraid, and even to thoughts of giving up. Unfortunately, a growing number of youth turn to drugs and alcohol or other forms of self-medication as an escape from the problems of life.

Troubled teens are the children who are inherently good and have the ability to be successful, but because of unhealthy misperceptions about themselves, they have limited access to their own abilities and strengths.

Wilderness therapy program that will help them put life in perspective and deal with the issues and problems that currently govern their existence.

The mission is to resolve family conflict in order to reunite families that have been torn apart by the behavioral problems of a troubled child. By offering committed, professional services that challenge boys and girls ages 13-17 emotionally, academically, and physically we help troubled teens understand the causes of low self esteem, learn to overcome behavioral problems, and return home with respect and cooperation as the goal, instead of conflict and strife.

After students are provided with education and counsel regarding laws of nature and wilderness survival skills, they are given the opportunity to exercise choice. For example, if students choose not to gather wood and build a fire, they are cold and eat cold food. If they do not build a shelter and it rains, they get wet. In the wilderness, students begin to learn the powerful lessons of choice and consequences in a natural way.

The impact of these programs on troubled teens with such behavioral problems as low self-esteem, poor school performance, defiance of authority, depression, and drug or alcohol abuse has been well documented. Parents can feel confident that their children will get the treatment and care they need Therapy Wilderness Programs offered by the various companies.

Troubled teens are particularly impacted by the realization that the wilderness cannot be manipulated by them. The group environment teaches them the value of cooperation and joint effort. Through the development of wilderness skills, teens develop healthy self-esteem and learn to respond in positive ways to their peers and to authority. They begin to see that the world is not there to fulfill their every need or whim, and that they are part of a larger community.

The sincere empathy, understanding and unconditional love exemplified by our caring staff and therapists help our students embrace life with confidence. The result is young people who begin to experience true happiness because they accept the challenges in their life as opportunities to grow and develop a new level of maturity and healthy ambition.

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