Wilderness First Aid Kits Save Lives


If you are heading out on a wilderness trip you better make sure you have your wilderness first aid kits prepared and with you. Chances are that if you do not bring a kit with you then you will need it. Most times you bring a kit you will not need to use it, but that is fine, just as long as you have it with you.

If you are prepared for any sort of situation while on a wilderness adventure then chances are you will be able to deal with it. Being prepared is as important as taking your wilderness first aid kits with you. People who are prepared are usually much more safety conscious and thus does not experience as much trouble as other people would.

Even if people with you have wilderness first aid kits, you should avoid situations that could cause a problem. Prevention can be a much less expensive or even painful option.

Before beginning any trip, it is important to make sure everyone’s wilderness first aid kits are fully stocked. An empty kit is useless. At least two people in your travel party should have CPR training. You should have more than one person with this training in case the person with the training needs the CPR himself or herself.

There are courses available that focus on wilderness first aid training. This would be preferable to a general first aid course. Even if your trip is a short one, carry a basis first aid kit because you could still require a simple band-aid on your trip.

Before going on your trip, research the area to find any inhabited areas that you could evacuate to if needed. These would include cottages, camps or aboriginal settlements. People that live in the wilderness will have some form of communication that you could use in an emergency. Some remote camps will even have a bush plane that could be available in an emergency as well.

Your wilderness first aid kits should contain flares for emergency situations. If you are unable to get out of the bush, you need to be able to let someone know where you are. Other methods of attracting the attention of a plane include lighting three fires, writing a large SOS in the sand or using a signaling mirror. A wilderness rescue can be a very expensive operation, make sure you are properly prepared so that this does not happen to you.

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By D. Karlson