Why is there no category for preparedness or survivalism?

Here’s a great question and I’d like to add my thoughts.

I saw a great question last night regarding what to do if TSHTF, and it was posted in Hunting. I noticed one of the answerers stated such a question did not belong in the Hunting forum, so I searched Yahoo! Answers this morning for questions using the terms “survivalism” and “preparedness”, hoping to find a category in which such a topic was suitably classified. Yet I found questions in:

Home and Garden – Other

I worked for 5 years at Barnes and Noble, running the newsstand. In all my time there, most every magazine I came across regarding survivalism was filed under hunting. The books ranged from cooking (Apocalypse Chow) to sports under H for hunting (these would be the gun books, including priced guides which have nothing to do with Hunting, technically) to Weapons of War or sports under C for camping (also not really a camping thing, especially if one is preparedness minded for survival At Home). So… if there’s not a classification for this type of topic, and it doesn’t belong in Hunting, where Does it go? o.O

Since preparedness is both a lifestyle and a mindset, I am a bit lost on where to even begin to classify this according to Yahoo’s provided categories. Thoughts?

Glad you asked.  Preparedness and Survivalism are fairly new terminology for many skills that have been taken for granted.  If you were a homesteader a 100 years ago, you could buy a book on homesteading or you literally lived in a tent and being prepared wasn’t a lifestyle choice it was a necessity.  That’s why it was typical for families to stock up for winter.  Its only as of the last couple of years that people have come to realize that if our current infrastructure were to break down that we most likely will be on our own as far as basic needs and that’s why its important to regain those skills that keep us safe and alive.    If cell towers are down and the power is out, you can’t tweet your way out of needing food and shelter.

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  1. Jordan Walnutz | May 24, 2010 at 10:53 pm |

    ya i don’t know. theres no gun category either. for survivalism i’d go with Outdoor Recreation – Other. we just gotta make it work i guess!

  2. afreshpath_admin | May 24, 2010 at 11:44 pm |

    I feel your pain. Survivalism and general preparedness are often difficult to place into a category. Perhaps, it should be a top level of its own as there are all different types of preparedness.

    Really, are they asking about being prepared and surviving:
    Wilderness situations in heat, cold, snow, desert
    Vehicle breakdown/ stranded

    It is a wide open area but the really unfortunate thing is that it is a little used/ researched subject also!

  3. William B | May 25, 2010 at 12:25 am |

    some people just do it for the points, not caring if it helps some one,
    i taught survival in the army
    to make a kit for home, you need sleeping bags, rated – 30 deg
    food [canned its already cooked ] 1 can per person per day ,water, 16 oz per P per day a manual can opener, plastic spoons , and a coat for each P
    flashlight, extra batteries [ there’s one on the market that cranks up]
    no bat needed [in the camping section ]
    store a 5 day supply [store water in empty milk jugs ] clean them out first] change the water every month
    have a place to meet, this way you can survive for a wk till help arrives [ learn to hunt and fish,]

  4. That’s a really good point.

  5. cant choose neither can ones who ask or answer how many have been a panic situation then all priorites change according to situation choosing catagory about same fits all can be anything

  6. acmeraven | May 25, 2010 at 2:33 am |

    This is a good one for the suggestion box. With the ongoing collapse of the world economy, recession, depression, war, threat of a world wide pandemic from the bird flu which is on the back burner for now, etc & yadda, it seems a survival or preparedness site would be very popular and practical??

  7. roadhunter | May 25, 2010 at 2:58 am |

    It’s because Yahoo Answers is a very general site. You’ll find that if you add up the number of stay at home moms and school aged kids on this site, that they make up probably 75% of the users.

  8. eddieroachr | May 25, 2010 at 3:10 am |

    there is it is homeland security color codes,,,, but i agree it would be of interest

  9. That would be a very interesting category and a well needed category. There are a lot of different situations that could come into play and having a place for people to ask even the simplest questions on preparedness would be very beneficial. People feed off of other people’s ideas. Things like how to get water from leaves or fire from ice would be very interesting survival skills. There are a lot of people that were in hurricane Katrina that had no survival skills except for learning to loot. In times of trial we don’t need looters, rapists, and such people running ramped. We need people who can lead with the basic survival skills. A section would help give us those type people. For example… there is another way to produce energy from water and electricity and it’s called HHO. That is a simple skill that could be used to make electricity, heat, and a cutting tool from spare parts. That could cover a very wide range of subjects.

  10. stormgale89 | May 25, 2010 at 4:25 am |

    this stuff would fall under camping, you got that list because of things that you said that are considered part of that category, survivalism and
    preparedness are too specific for them to add them on here, it probably would work, but unlikely yahoo’s gonna make the category.

  11. Ret. Sgt. | May 25, 2010 at 4:55 am |

    I totally agree. We all should do what we can to take care of ourselves in the case of SHTF. I’d suggest a months supply of food and water and meds, etc.There are a large number of sites devoted to this and most of them are selling something. Doesn’t take long to find out who sells for less.

    Something as simple as going to you local discount food store ( Sav-a-lot, Aldis, or many other) and getting canned goods there. They last, under good conditions, for 2-3 years or more. They have water in them and they are cooked. I am one of the few people I know that still cans foods so venison and chicken are canned at my home.

    Would be a great topic and the more people that can take care of themselves, the better off we all will be.

  12. Cheddar C | May 25, 2010 at 5:04 am |

    I dont know but we need one!

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