What wilderness survival techniques do you know?

I have read the U.S. army field manual and read all kinds of things on many websites, but I want more ways to survive. What are some good ways to get food, water, shelter, or anything else that might be helpful. I live in florida, so if you know some techniques that would be specifically useful for florida survival, that would be awesome, but any techniques will be do.

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  1. ok ya got the book and ya can read,, now start in the front with one item,,don’t just read it ,, do it over and over till ya can do it in the dark in the rain ,, when your good at that ,, move to the next and so on ,, when your through with the book you will be ready to learn how to survive ,, yep that’s right ,,,ready to learn,,your brain is your greatest survival tool you will ever need ,,you just fed it a feast and now its time to digest it and see what your made of ,, you must control your fears,, fear is a killer it will make you forget the book ,,good luck

  2. Step 1, fire, step two water, step three food, step four shelter.

    A fire can be made many different ways. Sticks (no it doesn’t create fire, it creates hot ash to then start a fire with small kindling) Or flints, hitting a flint with metal (even a knife) can create a spark. A match. A lighter. Whatever.

    Water… I think it can be treated with iodine or chlorine, but the best way I heard is to just boil it… the temperature may vary but if it’s at 212 degrees fahrenheit the water is safe, but if it’s heated to a lower temperature it will take longer to purify it.

    For food, that depends on what’s around you. Get a book of the local flora and fauna to see what is and isn’t edible. Learn to prepare certain animals to eat and then cook. Of course it’s not cooking then, it’s catching them that’s the problem.

    You can make traps for some animals out of twigs and veins and such…. but I couldn’t begin to desribe it, look for a book, lol it;ll have pictures. But I do know you can make an easy fishing pole, simply get a thorn/barb/etc (anything like a hook) and fashion it to a piece of wood (a stick) somehow, you can create your own cordage(rope) from the flora around you but again this depends on what’s around you at the time.

    Shelter can be done different ways and depends on the climate. Your in Flordia, muggy and hot right? Probably not wanting too many things to keep warm. I’d say build some kinf of lean too or barrier to keep things out that you don’t want. I’d say sleep in a tree, but even that may depends on what’s in the tree 😮

    Good luck.

  3. black serpent | November 15, 2009 at 9:26 pm |

    call 911

  4. look on youtube for survival and bushcraft, you’ll get what u need.

  5. jeffleewhitfield | November 15, 2009 at 9:59 pm |

    Why are you learning? If you are learning for End-of-Days, most of the techniques discussed here are valid. If you are learning to survive until rescued, or until you hike out after being lost on a day hike, things are a little different.
    First of all, don’t get lost. Always carry a compass and know how to use it.
    If separated from your team, S.T.O.P.- Stop, Think, Observe, Plan. Sit down and consider your situation. Remember the rule of threes – you survive 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without warmth (in bad weather), 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. What do you need NOW? If you think you know how to get back, leave a trail. Otherwise stay put. If you are cold, get warm. If you are wet, get dry. Then make provisions to stay in that state. Once your position is stable, then make plans. If you are separated, the first task is to make yourself as visible as possible. Spread cloth on the ground, knock down plants in a recognizable pattern, get in an open area. Prepare three campfires, well separated, with provision to light them if someone comes close.
    Now that you have increased your chances of being spotted, look after your future. Build a solar still, fish, whatever you need. Unless you are familiar with plants, do not risk them until necessary. Again, you will survive three weeks without food. If you get sick eating something you should not have, you cut way down on your chances.
    Most people die from doing something foolish or not thinking things through. It sounds like you have the knowlege. Just remember to use it.

  6. meonyahooanswers | November 15, 2009 at 10:22 pm |

    I have lived outdoors for as long as a year.
    The Best is to know plants
    some plants can kill
    look up some of these to get started
    dandelion many uses
    acorn (leeched)
    Walnuts not just for eating (used in fishing
    cat tail shoots
    maple tree sap (silver maple sugar maple
    and many others

  7. at 14 you’ve got along way to go sonny! So just relax and grow up first.

  8. I know all of them….I am not an alien in my own world…I belong. I can live as easily as a wild dog…you need a space suit , your back pack with all your store bought gadgets and goodies.. you’ll be dead in a week, or on the out side two! You’re a foreigner in your own world! How frightening it must be for you or your kind!

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