What books would you recommend for learning bushcraft?

Im looking for books on everything from Tacking and trapping, leatherworking, flintnapping and shelter working and all other topics related to primitive skills and bushcraft.

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  1. Interesting question, hope you get some good answers.
    The best self sufficiency book you can get is John Seymour complete guide to self sufficiency

  2. google will help you with that

  3. What’s the point of having Yahoo Answers when you have Google. It’s not an answer.

    I’d recommend Ray Mears. John Seymour was strange and he believed in taking us back centuries where women were kept barefoot in the kitchen and microwaves, telephones and computers don’t exist. When he was dying he then announced that what he was doing and writing about was rubbish as he came to conclusion that with 55 million in the UK we couldn’t all live on farms. Too late he had already written his books.

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