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  1. Fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox) is a mammal endemic to Madagascar. A member of family Eupleridae, it is closely related to the mongoose. It is the largest mammalian carnivore on the island. (The largest carnivore on Madagascar is the Nile crocodile.)
    Fossa males are 75–80 centimetres (29–31 in) long, plus a tail which is 70–90 centimetres (27–35 in) long; they weigh 6–10 kilograms (13–22 lb). Females are 65–70 centimetres (25–27 in) with a similar-sized tail; they weigh 5–7 kilograms (11–15 lb).

    The Fossa is a very agile animal. It can leap from tree to tree and display an agility similar to squirrels. The Fossa is extremely cat-like in appearance and behaviour; it is often likened to the Clouded Leopard, a felid native to southeast Asia

    The Fossa is a carnivore. It is a ferocious hunter that eats small to medium sized animals, from fish to birds, but is particularly adept at hunting lemurs, and is the predominant predator for many species, and only Madagascar’s large snakes have any other significant predatory impact.

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