What are the necessities in an outdoor survival kit?

If something happens in the outdoors, what are some things that you NEED to survive, fix minor injuries, and get found?

That is a great question, some things I would take with me into the wilderness are a knife, canteen, some kind of first aid kit and a glow stick.  To survive you need water, shelter and eventually food.

Search and Rescue teams look for signs that you’ve been there and its very important you stay on any trails that are available and its best to make it obvious that you’ve been there, move rocks and break branches.   Nothing in nature is a perfect circle or a straight line, and the human eye finds those things faster and easier than random growth.

If it starts getting dark and you know there happens to be a helicopter looking for you use the glow stick and the canteen strap together and whip it above your head in a perfect circle.  You will be found faster because from the sky it looks like your drawing a circle around you.

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  1. angelpoet04 | November 5, 2009 at 8:37 am |

    A compass, a small film container that has a fish hook, some line and matches inside it(waterproof), small basic first aid kit, a small pocket knife, a small mirror, a whistle, some bottled water, a flashlight, some power bars(snack bars), small box of raisins, small emergency blanket, small rain poncho, some small rope if you have room for it.

    Even better to add, if you purchase one, is to get a combo handcrank flashlight/radio. Some people even put a small multi-tool in their kits like a Leatherman tool and an emergency candle, a roll of Duct Tape, a sewing needle and some thread are good too!

    All of this can fit in a small day pack or backpack, easily!

  2. Whenever I go out into the woods all I carry is my khukuri, an analog wristwatch (doubles as a compass between 9 am and 3 pm), disposable lighter and a couple 15 ft pieces of cord rated over 150lbs.

  3. My emergency gear for backpacking in the Sierra includes a spare lighter, Coghlan’s Signal Mirror, magnesium fire starter, PT Pulsar flashlight, Mini Fox 40 whistle, large plastic garbage bag (shelter/poncho), 1 day extra food.

    Of course I also carry topo maps, compass, flashlight, lighter, small knife, sewing kit, safety pins, water filter, duct tape, first aid kit (band-aids, Advil, Imodium, hydrocortisone, Pepto), tent, sleeping bag, etc.

  4. Figure one gallon of water each day or something to make that possible from untreated water. You can go longer without food but Mil-Spec Mfg. manufactures military rations
    for civilian use that works out to about $100 for a ten meal case. Crank powered flashlight, radio, and cellular recharger is good. Industrial size first aid kit. Fire lens. All-weather sleeping bags and tent. Plastic sealed ID, money, keys, etc. Axe, saw, shovel, orange smoke, aerial flares, cellular, toilet paper, & .357——– Knocks down bear and cougar, uh-huh.
    Keep all this in trunk or outside in padlocked shed.

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