what are some survival tips on earthquakes?

what are some earthquake survival tips,giudlines,safety tips, and preventions having to do with earthquakes,like seismographs about earthquakes,like the safest place in your home when you are in an earthquake,and more usefull information earthquack and posiblly prevent them if possible in the world .even how scientist rate earthquake.i would also also like to know information on earthqukes that hit channelview.

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  1. 1) Don’t be there
    2) If you are there, pray.
    3) If you don’t believe in god, panic.
    4) Place head between legs. Kiss arse goodbye.

  2. breathe easy | November 12, 2009 at 2:39 pm |

    Go outside; if you must stay inside get under a table or doorframe.

  3. hewgnew_342634 | November 12, 2009 at 3:20 pm |

    if you feel the earth moving or shaking while you are in a building, find the nearest exit and get out and stay in an open area or field. This will prevent any object from falling on top of you.

  4. Technically this is not a *weather* category question. However:

    If inside:
    * In most cases, DO NOT RUN OUTSIDE. Read the rest of this answer to see why.
    * Get under a sturdy frame, such as a table door frame. This will protect you more than trying to run outside. Buildings can collapse in a matter of seconds.
    * Curl into a ball and cover your face and front of your body with your arms. This will protect you from the next item:
    * Get away from objects that will harm you if they fall or break, such as windows, large appliances, sharp objects, etc. This is another reason not to run outside, as you will have to pass many dangerous objects in a quake.
    * Get out of the building after the quake if you feel there will be a fire or gas leak or other danger. Do this ONLY if you’re sure it’s safe to come out from under your cover.

    If outside:
    * Get away from objects that are likely to fall on you (bricks on a building exterior, power lines, rock walls, etc.)
    * Get away from traffic, where people may swerve off the road in panic
    * This is probably the safest place.

    In all cases:
    * Take quick action: things don’t take long to happen in an earthquake. Fractions of a second may be all you have. This is why you usually shouldn’t run outside.
    * Keep your head, and don’t panic.

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