Tube Tents For Emergency Purposes

While there are more luxurious and spacious kinds of tents available in the market, emergency tube tents tend to be the favorite of campers and other outdoor enthusiasts because of their quick, no-hassle setup.

Advantages of Using an Emergency Tube Tent

Emergency tube tents are commonly used for outdoor trips and as such, they come in compact designs to take up as little space as possible in your camping gear. Unlike other types of tents, they don’t require you to bring several poles with you for setup. All you need to do is find the ideal location, one where you can tie the nylon rope (included in your emergency tube tent kit) from one end to another, insert the rope through the tube attached to the tent and voila! You’ve got you’re A-shaped tent up and ready to use.

Not infinitely, but it will definitely last for several trips. As such, you need not worry about having to take with you several emergency tube tent kits for a three-night camping trip this summer. One would do very well already.

Emergency tube tents are not only compact but lightweight as well due to the materials used for making them. You can put it inside your backpack and it won’t make a difference.

First and foremost, emergency tube tents are fireproof and fire-retardant. This is an excellent safety feature when you’re battling the forces of nature and lightning’s striking close by. Emergency tube tents are also weatherproof: neither water nor wind will be able to prevent you from having a good night’s sleep.

Be aware, however, that emergency tube tents are designed to have their sides opened. If you want those ends covered, you’ll have to use clothesline pins to keep them closed securely throughout the night.

Shopping Tips for Emergency Tube Tents

Some emergency tube tents can only accommodate one person plus gear while others are large enough to accommodate two persons. It’s best to take this up with your camping partners and base your purchase on your sleeping arrangements.

Thickness of Material
Some emergency tube tents are only 1.5 to 2 millimeters thick. That’s more than enough to protect you from adverse weather, but it might not be enough to prevent accidental tears. For greater durability, try looking for emergency tube tents made of thicker materials.

Lastly, choose a bright shade for your emergency tube tent so that you’re easily seen at night. Having a highly visible shade for your tent will also make it advantageous to use as a signal if you’re lost or you wish to make contact with other campers from a distance.

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