Thermal Blankets: Finding The Right Survival Blanket

Thermal blankets were originally developed by NASA for the countryâ??s space program in 1964. Also known as space, emergency, or mylar blankets, they were made from a relatively thin sheet of plastic with a metallic coat used for reflecting back heat. Nowadays, thermal blankets are also used for camping and other outdoor activities.

Common Features of a Thermal Blanket

Sleeping outdoors may be fun and adventurous, but it also exposes you to certain dangers you normally donâ??t encounter indoors. Wind and rain, for instance, can easily make you susceptible to hypothermia and other undesirable illnesses. A thermal blanket, however, can protect you from the adverse effects of prolonged exposure to unfavorable weather conditions.

By wrapping around a thermal blanket around yourself, your body heat is reflected back to you by the blanket, and this helps you stay warm even in the strongest of storms. Thermal blankets are also made from exceptionally durable materials and as such, you wonâ??t have to worry about water or wind permeating through the blanket.

Yes, thermal blankets can indeed be used repetitively. You wonâ??t have to bring one thermal blanket for each night you plan to spend outdoors. This is definitely great news for campers who wish to travel light.

All thermal blankets, regardless of size or type of materials used, are designed for compact packing. When youâ??re outdoors, after all, youâ??ll be able to move around more swiftly and easily if you donâ??t have so many things to lug around with you.

How to Choose the Right Thermal Blanket
Thermal blankets come in a range of sizes and with varying features. For optimal use and protection, be sure to choose the one thatâ??s most capable of meeting your needs.

Single or Double Use?
There are thermal blankets for single-person use and then there are those that two persons can use together. A two-person thermal blanket is ideal if youâ??re traveling with your child and youâ??d like to keep him or her safe with you at night.

As mentioned earlier on, thermal blankets come in various sizes. Be sure to choose one that will be able to keep you warm and completely covered from head to toe if necessary. If you will use it to line your sleeping bag, make sure as well that the dimensions are adequate.

Last but not the least, donâ??t forget to test it out for yourself prior to making any purchase. While all thermal blankets offer the same level of safety and protection, some of them may feel more comfortable for you to use than others.

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