The Road to Recovery: Survival Tips for “The Big D”

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If ever there was a great little “How-To” book for life after divorce, this is it! Structured in A-B-C format, this book gives the recently divorced whimsical, yet wise guidelines for overcoming the angst and stress of “The Big D.” An inspirational read for family and friends of divorce, too!… More >>

The Road to Recovery: Survival Tips for “The Big D”

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  1. The Road to Recovery, Survival Tips for “The Big D”

    By Alyson Madsen

    This book sings to every divorced woman. Or man, for that matter. Run; don’t walk, to buy your copy!

    Alyson Madsen, divorced after a lifetime of marriage, offers a trove of treasures and admonitions in her book about survival after divorce. The structure of the book’s A-B-C format promises good things ahead if one follows the recommended guidelines.

    The Road to Recovery, based on time honored self-help philosophies, offers positive choices for healthy living while acknowledging the gravity of circumstances of the divorced person.

    Each page takes a letter of the alphabet and offers specific strategies beginning with that letter. In my opinion, each strategy is designed to zing or zap, but in a good way. My favorite is “Calm Down; this isn’t forever.” Paraphrasing another well-known book, one might say “And it came to Pass.” Not to stay.

    Adam Moore’s whimsical illustrations warm your heart and dovetail perfectly with Madsen’s how-to survival tips for life after divorce.

    My husband and I, who now share a blended family, feel this little book leaves no excuse, no wiggle room for the divorced person to stay stressed.

    Alyson Madsen is a long-time educator and presently teaches at The Youth Opportunity Center for Muncie Community Schools. She is a free-lance writer, a regular contributor for M-Magazine and is working on her first novel.


    Rating: 5 / 5

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