The Benefits Wilderness Camping

All types of camping are fun, but wilderness camping holds a special place in the hearts of true campers. When wilderness camping, you must live by your wits. When wilderness camping, you are out on your own. Wilderness camping requires self reliance and fortitude. Wilderness camping tests your survival skills and your creativity. Wilderness camping can be a real challenge. So why the heck would anyone go wilderness camping?  Especially when they could just drive into a campsite, pitch their tent ten feet from the car and enjoy all the comforts of home that they can cram into their car? And they don’t
have to be lonely either. There is always beer guzzling partiers’ right in the next campsite making all kinds of noise.

So what could be the attraction with wilderness camping? Being way out in the wilderness where you could be attacked by a bear? And once you get way out there, you only have the few meager supplies to eat that you could carry on your back. With this wilderness camping, you are a few days walk from the nearest fast food place and forget about beer. It is too heavy to carry and the nearest bar is a forty mile
hike away. So what could possibly be the attraction of wilderness camping? Well, the attraction of wilderness camping is all the things that it is and all the things that it is not.

Wilderness camping is a way to get some peace and quiet. No beer guzzling parties at the site next door. In fact, in most cases, you don’t see other campers when wilderness camping.

Wilderness camping is a chance to get away from all the modern mechanized distractions and to be alone, just alone with yourself and with whatever nature comes up with for you. No cellphones or laptops. Wilderness camping can be a spirit quest.  Wilderness camping can put you in touch with your deepest self. Wilderness camping can help you rebalance your life and priorities. Wilderness camping gives you the space without distractions to see what is really there.

Wilderness camping gets you away from all the things you think define who you are and puts you in touch with the quiet space that is truly at the heart of who you are. Wilderness camping gives you a chance to see, hear and touch unspoiled nature. Wilderness camping gives you a chance to look around and see no manmade structures, no cell phone towers, no telephone poles, no wires, wires, wires, blocking your view. Wilderness camping puts you out where things are natural and

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