The Adventure of a Kids Wilderness Camp

Thereâ??s summer camp and then there is the adventure of a kidâ??s wilderness camp. So whatâ??s the difference? Well wilderness camps offer an action packed adventure that offer a whole lot more then just hanging out and sitting around.

Most of us think of summer camps as staying in large bunk houses by a lake out in the woods but a wilderness camp offers so much more. There may in fact be cabins for the campers to stay in. For the first night anyway because these camps offer a more adventurous variety of activities taking there campers into the great outdoors for a more get close to nature experience.

Here are some of the activities your kids may expect to find if they go to one of these wilderness camps.

Outdoor Time â?? This is what these camps are all about. If your kids attend such a camp they will get plenty of time outside doing activities that teach them about life and living in the wilderness. They will sleep under the stars or in tents, depending on the weather.

Hiking â?? This is a standard activity with most wilderness camps. In fact for some camps they will hike to a new location each day and make camp, enjoying a different experience each day of their adventure.

Water Sports â?? While this is dependent on the camps location relative to a body of water most camps offer swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and in some cases white water rafting. They will also teach basic safety skills as it relates to the water activity.

Mountain Climbing â?? If the camp is located in a mountainous location there is a good chance your child we learn how to climb and bag a peak or two.

Survival Skills â?? Because the wilderness can be a dangerous place these adventure wilderness camps teach the youngsters how to survive in the wild. They are taught how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations, how to recognize edible flora and fauna, catching fish, cooking over a fire as well as first aid and what to do if they get lost.

Teamwork â?? This is an important part of any group activity. Learning how to coordinate and function as a team will be a skill that lasts them well into adulthood.

Self-reliance and Skill Development â?? Learning how to accomplish tasks that they otherwise would have thought they couldnâ??t do helps them develop not only new skills but it creates self-esteem as well.

An adventure wilderness camp is not for every kid but those who do attend such a camp report that they have a great time and most of the time would like to go back in the future.

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