Surviving The Imperfect Storms – 6 Tips To Face Any Situation

Those who live in a storm prone area indeed understand the severity of the matter and are quite used to facing that bas weather. They become quick decision makers in the times of such crisis as to where to go, what to do, etc.

Yet, if you have yet not got used to getting struck by the high winds & hard rains, that implies that you are starter in the field.

To begin with, storms usually do not come unalarmed. The changes in the weather conditions and the atmospheric changes day in & day out clarify the alarm of the storms.

In case the storm is expected, the Government issues two types of the warnings. These are:

1. Storm Watch

a. This is issued in the cases when storm is possible in the area.
b. The conditions that you can gauge through before such a storm are as follows:
i. Dark & cloudy sky
ii. Unusually windy day
iii. Some rain
c. Might be that the alarm proves to be bluff and the storm does not come, but remember no human being has till date been able to predict the mood of Mother Nature.
d. In the given circumstances one must get prepared and tune to their local radio news for the regular updates.

2. Storm Warning

a. This kind of warning is issued when the storm is already heading towards the area.
b. Once this kind of warning has been issued one must stay indoors, as far as possible.
c. In case the warning states that the residents must evacuate to some safer places, make sure to move out as early as possible.
d. Waiting to leave the house in the last minutes, that is, when the problem is just near by is just not advisable.
e. This is because by that time all the streets would be flooded & the traffic conditions would get bad.
f. This would only lead you to getting stuck in to your car amidst the bad weather.

3. Blizzard

a. This usually happens during the winters.
b. A blizzard implies heavy snow along with strong winds & wind chill.
c. Like all other calamities, when such a warning is issued, you must try to avoid traveling and stay indoors as much as possible.
d. This way you might get trapped in some area where you can not seek for any help or rescue.

While our technology can only predict that the storms are coming, we have no way to stop the storm. To survive the storm the only way is to get prepared to face such an emergency. While it is not necessary that the things would go bad in a storm, that is an unpredictable situation where anything can happen, so you must be prepared for the worst coming ahead.

Here are some tips to face the worst situations caused by the storms:

1. Clothing

Make sure to yourself warm enough by wearing enough clothes.
At times, the houses are also not that warm so arrange for some extra blankets & coats that would help you maintain your body temperature at the right points.
Gear up with all protective winter wears like mittens, hats, gloves, socks, boots, etc.

2. Water & Food

a. During emergency situations, usually one can not move out, so stocking enough food at home is a must.
b. Make sure that the food you keep in reserve is ready to eat.
c. The food must be non-perishable.
d. It must not call for refrigeration.
e. Prefer the canned food items and candies.
f. Of course, don’t forget the can openers, utensils, scissors, etc.
g. When the storm gets too bad, the streets get flooded, so one can not move out to get the grocery for the house.
h. Also a majority of the stores are closed in such times.
i. Be ready with some handy bottles of water.
j. In the emergency situations, you surely won’t be able to get clean water. And dehydration is the worst thing one could ever suffer, and in extreme conditions dehydration even leads to death.
k. Make sure to save at least 1 gallon water per day in the house.
l. That would last you around 3 to 4 days.

3. Water for Daily Chores

a. In such scenarios of course with no electric supply the water pumps would fail to work.
b. Stock some water for the daily chores of the house like flushing the toilets, washing, etc.
c. The best way to do that is to fill in all possible vessels with water like the bath tub, pails, etc.
d. Make sure that this water is kept covered so as to keep it clean.
e. Also keep the children away from deep vessels.
f. Make to keep a check on the young children that they do not get in to the bathrooms unnecessarily.

4. Emergency Medical Kit

a. Make sure to have a medical kit or the first aid box ready with all medicines fresh and unexpired.
b. The key contents of this kit are as follows:
i. Disinfectants
ii. Gauzes
iii. Cotton balls
iv. Q-tips
v. Medicated plasters
vi. All necessary medicines.
c. Make sure to have one of such kit in your vehicle as well.
d. Also, in case some member of the house is under some special medication, have enough stock that should last you until the storm gets over.
e. Remember the drug stores might not be opened for a few days even after the storm gets over.

5. Light & Hot Water

a. During the storms one must not expect to have enough electricity.
b. You must have sufficient sources of light at your disposal like candles, match boxes, flash lights, emergency lights, etc.
c. Also do not forget to stock extra fresh batteries & the matches.
d. To keep in touch with the latest news updates & climatic conditions, make sure to have a battery operated radio.
e. Media would monitor the storm in the area and would keep you informed.
f. One might feel the need for hot water in the storm times. For this make use of a small gas tank.
g. The outdoor gas grill is a great option for such a purpose.

6. An Alternate Shelter

a. For those who think that their house would not be able to stand the storm, considering some other shelter is necessary to survive the storms.
b. The alternates could be like an evacuation center and / or some other building or house that is safe.
c. Also ensure that you have enough fuel in the vehicle in order to reach the hide out.
d. A hide out that is higher than the ground level would be rather safe and would be able to keep you dry.

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