Surviving In The Wilderness Can Be A Life Changing Experience

Surviving in the wilderness can be a life changing experience. If you have planned well with a survival kit, you should be able to sustain your basic needs until help finds you. However, if you don’t have water you won’t be able to last too long out there. Adults can’t go more than a few days without water, though one can go for several days without food. Therefore, of all your survival skills, knowing how to find water should be the top priority. How do you find water in the wilderness that is safe to drink?

While it sounds difficult, you should be able to find water in most any type of environment, you just have to know where to find it. There are several indicators out that regarding the location of water. The most obvious is look for surface water, generally it will be a small stream or lake. This type of running water is generally safe to drink. Look at water stains on the rocks, as it may indicate that water once ran through there. The water supply may still be there, just not as abundant as before. If you follow the trail of the water stains on rocks, you may find a water source. Melting water from ice generally has a lot of bacteria in it. If you have the supplies, it is recommended that you boil all water first incase it does have contaminants in it.

If no surface water is found, dig a hole in damp soil. The water will settle and become clear. You can filter the water as much as possible. Start by punching small holes in the bottom of a container. As you pour the collected water in it, the large pieces of particles will stay in the container. While drinking such water is not recommended, it may be your only water source available.

You must find water, so look in possible areas including low valleys, crevices where rain water may have collected, damp ground, areas of green indicate a water source is getting there, birds because they circle water holes, and trees where condensation might accumulate. It is always recommended that you carry water and water purification tablets with you on any such outing.

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