Survive Or Thrive?

In this current economic crisis many people are just trying to survive. That’s a common statement these days. But others don’t see it as a crisis at all. They are those who have decided to thrive.

Whether you “survive” or “thrive” has a lot to do with your mindset. What are willing to accept? What are you willing to reject? Your personal beliefs will determine the actions that you take.

For example, if you truly believe that jobs are scarce and that no one is spending any money then you will do whatever you can to just survive. On the other hand, if you are aware that people are producing goods that people are indeed buying, then you headed in the right path to thrive.

Thrive in this economy? With all that is going on in this economy, how can one talk about thriving?

There are plenty of positive stories of people who are thriving today. But because people want to hear all the negative news, many times most people don’t even hear about these inspiring stories.

Apple allows 3rd party developers to submit applications for their iPhones. If you have an iPhone then you can go to their online store and download one of these “apps” as they are called.

Apple reports that last year they sold 8 million iPhones, not counting the popular iPod touch players. How many “apps” have been downloaded? They say over 100 million downloads so far.

So, it’s no secret why people want to develop apps. Steve Demeter made a game called Trism. It’s not an original game; it’s not a complicated game; but it’s an original iPhone app. The Trism download regularly sells for $5. Steve keeps 70% and the rest goes to Apple. It has been reported that Steve managed to earn around $250,000 in two months.

Now here’s my point. People are spending money. But if your mindset is focused on all the negative news of gloom and doom, then you have already decided that you just want to survive.

Almost everyone knows that new car sales have plunged. That means that more and more people are spending money to keep their current vehicles running. Auto service and repair shop business is growing, as is auto parts stores.

I read a report that amusement parks are thriving. Those who live within reasonable driving distance are taking their vacation at the parks, instead of extended destinations. Because of the value of the dollar, people are traveling from abroad to places like Disneyland.

There are people are spending money.

So, what about you? Are you planning on just surviving, or do you want to thrive? The answer to that question lies in your own thoughts. I haven’t talked to him, but I doubt very seriously if Steve Demeter just accepted all the negative news. While working at Wells Fargo, Steve decided to thrive.

How many people do you run into every single day who moan and complain about our current economic situation? They talk about how horrible it is and who is to blame. Many are looking for someone, for anyone, to fix it and make everything all better again.

That kind of attitude is pretty widespread. It reminds me so much of the book called, Who Moved My Cheese? If you haven’t read it, I would highly recommend that you get a copy and read it. It will help you to change your mindset from “survive” to “thrive.”

God talks about thriving all through the Bible. I have been reading and studying the Scriptures for years and I have never once seen a disclaimer for any of His promises that said something like, “Certain rules and restrictions apply – not available in all states or during an economic down turn.”

I have not seen anything like that at all. Have you? In fact, I have seen just the opposite. There are accounts of people prospering in some of the worst of situations.

Now I am aware that God’s promises do not happen automatically. Some people look at some of the great things in the Bible that God said that He would do and then just say, “Well that is great! Okay, God, do Your thing.” It doesn’t work that way.

Yes, God is more than willing and very able to do all that He said He would do. Yes, He does have a great desire to bring His promises into reality for His people. But it is not automatic. We must do our part.

We must accept what He said as true.

We must believe that He is able and willing.

We must have confidence that He will do it for us, not because we are good enough, but because He loves us.

We must trust that He will indeed bring it to pass.

We must take action, not just wait for something to happen.

Going to God in prayer with an attitude of trust and confidence will bring His promises into your life so that you can thrive! But, if on the other hand you just accept all the negatives, then the best you can hope for is to just survive. Which will you choose? Will you take action on God’s promises? Will you thrive?

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