Survivalism and preperation, please help anyone who knows about this stuff?

I need to find out the basics of stuff you would need for preperation.

I can think of bottled water, cash ready to hand, maybe something to barter with, cigerettes, liquor etc.

Is there any definite list or plan anywhere I can follow to be ready.


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  1. Dan in Miami | January 19, 2010 at 9:06 am |

    Just think . . . if there were NO cops . . . no monetary system . . .

    You need food . . . water (and a way to purify water) . . .

    . . . . and guns . . . .

    because when the poop hits the fan . . . there will be some who would rather kill you and take what you stored up than store it up themselves . . .

    like little barry said . . . “I thinks its better when we spread the wealth around . . . ”

    Dan in Miami

    P.S. Paper money is just that . . . . . . . . . . .paper.

  2. cigarette lighters
    car battery
    gps device
    a big bag of MJ
    ramen noodles
    candy bars
    musical instrument (you need something to lighten the mood), if not I suppose an Ipod will do

    and if you’re preparing for Judgment Day or whatever….

    bring weapons, preferably both a shotgun and a sidearm
    transfer wealth from money to precious metals, diamonds, etc

  3. High calorie canned foods.
    And a 4×4 to haul them.
    And a shotgun.
    That’s all you need.
    You can barter with those.
    a couple 55gallon drums of gas wouldn’t hurt either.
    Then just watch and wait.

  4. Don’t forget the duct (aka “duck”) tape. Don’t ask me why, they (the government) says that you need it.

  5. stephenmwells | January 19, 2010 at 12:03 pm |

    Dry food Rice, Pasta, anything that lasts long periods of time without refrigeration.
    Guns and Ammo,
    Gold or Silver.
    Grow a garden no matter how small. When tomatos hit 3 bucks each growing them will be profitable and ediable.
    First Aid kits and flashlights that run on no batteries like hand crank lights.
    Warm clothing and gear.
    It will be worse in the big cities. Get out if possible.
    Be prepared cause if your not your screwed and if you proved wrong and nothing happens whats the worse that can happen nothing but mabye a bruised ego and feeling a little silly. But if it does happen which after the last so called stimulus package looks like it will you dont want to be caught without these things.
    Dont forget water purification tablets.
    Visit for many more ideas daily. Good luck. Be safe.
    Be smart.

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