Survival tips for when you are stranded somewhere?

the whole Kim family incident has been very tragic….

and so i ask,
are there any survival tips for when you are stranded somewhere?
any useful things?

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  1. Keep a survival kit inyour car. This includes food, water, blankets etc. Also the best thing to do is stay where where you are.

  2. Stay in one place, you saw the results of trying to hike out. Do what you can to stay warm and dry and hydrated. A car is easier to spot from the air than someone walking through the forest.

  3. Alastair S911 | November 21, 2009 at 6:52 am |

    I live in the Northwest. My condolence to the Kim’s family. Anyway, My Jeep got: a large blanket, can of gas, even a small chainsaw, and tirechains, a backpack of canned goods, medicine, candles, rope, water. (This is for winter)
    In my garage: a medium box of food, clothes, candle, propane heater, medicine, water, etc. (This is for earthquake)

  4. In the winter I keep the following items in my car at all times: ice scraper, snow chains, peanut butter, water, wool blanket, shovel, flashlight and unopened batteries, ham radio gear. I was thinking earlier today I should add a hatchet or saw and some fire-starting stuff.

    If I’m traveling through mountains at any time of year I’ll toss in some camping equipment including a camp stove with fuel, sleeping bag, a big knife, a few days worth of food and water, toilet paper.

  5. of course stay together if your traveling in the cold carry blankets water some kind of food and goodness don’t travel where you can get lost stay on main roads i am with you i have not heard if they found him i am very sadden hear of this every now and then. travel with lots of warm emergercy gear . cell phone usually everybody has them now. just one of those bad things but i notice it happens when people are not fimilar with the area. i do remember one where they closed the road and did not check it and a man got stuck and died . they should check them before they close it.

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