Survival tips for a first time anime convention goer?

I’m going to my first anime convention (to be specific, Oni-Con) and I was wondering if any experienced anime convention goers have any advice for me. Some of my burning questions: What should I put on my badge? How early should I preregister? What do I do if a random person glomps me while I’m in a cosplay costume?

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  1. Here’s the best advice I can give you:

    -Everything is expensive. Just keep that in mind.

    -Don’t wear shoes that are going to be agony on your feet.

    -Since you’re fairly young (and this actually applies to anybody who goes), there are perverts that go to these things to seek out kids without parents. If anybody invites you to their room or outside, or wants your room number or your phone number and they’re obviously older than you, do not give it to them. That’s the most important thing I can stress to a first time con-goer. Stay safe.

    -Keep your belongings with you at all time. Never set them down on a bench or on a table, even for a second. If you’re staying in a hotel room, try to keep as much as valuables in there as you can.

    Hope that helps! Just please remember to stay safe!


  2. Pre-register now, as some of them give discounts for signing up early.

    When yo get there, make sure that you have water with you (the water they sell there is expensive and the fountains get overworked)

    The big thing is to pace yourself.

    If there is an information booth, go there. they will have daily updates, as the calendar of events can change. Don;t try to do too much, as you will tucker yourself out

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