survival tips?

does anyone know good things to have if you get lost? also how to easily clean water with convenient objects

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  1. A compass, water (*you should even have a bottle of water in your car) flashlight *should also be in the car, a lighter, an emergency aid kit, a swiss army knife. Whether you’re driving or hiking you should have these things with you. Fire to clean water in a pot.

  2. Watch Man vs Wild

  3. a compass, a map, a flash light, a lighter, batteries, a machete, thin rope. The easy way to clean water is to dig a hole about 1 foot deep 1 foot away from the water, make a small canal for the water to run inside hole, let it sit for about 1 hour, drink out of it by leaning into it and drink only from the surface don’t get your all face on it just let your lips touch the water and drink. try not to use stoked water staked water has a lot of bacteria but if it is all you have use it. You can also boil water.

  4. A map, compass, flashlight, SOS pad, large garbage bag, a survival blanket, and a medium size knife. You also need the knowledge to use these items to survive. None of the tricks to use these things can be readily found so you will need to do a lot of research.

  5. crashthewagon | November 15, 2009 at 9:51 pm |

    I carry very few things in my survival kit. A survival blanket, waterproof matches, potassium permanganate, a swiss army knife, fishing line, glow stick, whistle, and candle stub. I stuff all this into a bicycle inner tube. Glue this at both ends. The innertube provides a strong case, thats also useful as a firestarter. Potassium permanganate has many uses in the bush. Very carefully used, it can be used to sterilze water, clean wounds, mark snow, and start fire. Candle stub used for starting fires.

  6. Folks have given you some great recommendations. Seems to me, though, that the most imprtant thing you have for survival is right between your ears. Your ability to think things out, use the tools you have, and stay calm are what will keep you healthy and ready for rescue.

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