Survival Techniques????

what are some survival techniques that miners can use if they got stuck some how to get the rescuer attentions??

plz list some of the techniques


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  1. well, if their stuck from a car reck thay can take the mirror off and us it to singal helicopters,

  2. Finding survivors in collapsed mines is very hard, often the injuries sustained by those in the accident will be too severe for any large escape attempts, the best thing to do is to make some noise, after all if you’re trapped under ground they will be looking for you, make as much noise as possible to help them locate you.

  3. Hello,,remain as calm as possible to conserve air, establish buddy check and be advised of conditions,asses injuries, if you’re in an area not collapsed, form the group to conserve warmth and water, if no communication to surface is available,just wait,and pray if you have it in you,if and when help does comes, it usually does communicate through some type of sound, tapping is the best way to send sound waves through the rock,, also the experienced miners know if they should try to dig themselves out,based on length to egress and conditions of surroundings.

  4. And your FISHING category question is….????

  5. Basically, bang on a solid vein of rock every once in a while to let people know you’re still alive. The rescuers above ground will likely have planted sensitive listening devices, and the sounds can travel pretty far.

    And of course, since this is the fishing category, I suppose if there’s an underground river you could make improvised fishing line and hooks and catch some dinner. Do a search for “homemade fishing survival kit” for how-to videos 🙂

  6. fishininthesouth | November 6, 2009 at 11:47 pm |

    scream like a SOB

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