Survival Skills To Teach Your Children Before 21 December 2012

There are 10 basic survival skills you need to teach your children now, so that they are ready to take on the challenges of an emergency evacuation in 2012. By the way, this topic isnâ??t as grim as it sounds because survival training can actually be a lot fun, because it involves plenty of family time scouting around in the wilderness surrounded by the wonders of nature.

Here are the survival skills your whole family needs to know, and how to use well before 2012.

how to find and prepare food

making fire with and without matches


trapping animals



first aid

how to build emergency shelters

develop endurance and mental strength

make using the items in your survival kit second nature

Once you have learned and repeatedly practiced these skills on a few all-weather camping trips (which should be of 7 days of more) you will all be in much better shape to cope with the stresses of survival under emergency conditions.

you and your children will be fitter and faster

sleeping and living rough wonâ??t seem like such a hardship

youâ??ll be expert in using your survival gear

your fear and anxiety levels will be much lower

So maximise your familyâ??s chance of making it through 2012, and start teaching them these essential 2012 survival skills now.

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