Survival knives

Survival knives are some of my favorite knives. These knives are used not surprisingly as tools for survival. People that might carry one of these knives are hunters, hikers, or any outdoor sports fan, Pilots in case of crashing or if in the military being shop down. Basically any one that might find them self’s lost in the woods. Survival knives are normally on the thicker heavier side for the reason that you  if lost in the woods would have to use them for hunting.  If you are making a survival kit, people some times get a smaller lighter knife to save room for other things that might come in useful.

What we think of as a survival knife did not get in the picture until the turn of the century. Before then men would use knives that where more like if not butcher knives.  It was that way until a man named Webster Marbles came up with the idea of making the blade heavier. Making cross guards and pommels. These knives some what looked like a Bowie knife.

Later in WWII Survival knives where given to aircraft crews. To plains and helicopters so that if they got shot down and stuck in there craft they could cut there way of though the canopy. The navy also included them in there survival kits. Later the military tried to kill two birds with one stone by making the bayonets more like a survival knife. So the bayonet could be used as a field knife but also have the ability to attach to the muzzle of a rifle. A very good idea.

There are many features that a survival knife might have. Many of these knives are made with a serration on its back side. This is meant for cutting though thin metal. Some knives have a hollow hand where you can put things like matches or maybe something for first aid. These types of knives where made very popular by Rambo first blood. After this move came out there was a huge demand for these style knives.

There are many examples of fixed blade survival knives. There are also many other knives that are considered survival knives. Like multi purpose knives, machetes with cutting characteristics, knives that you put around your neck. So if you are going into the woods don’t forget to bring you survival knife because you never know what might happen.

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