Survival Kit EDC (Every Day Carry)-Urban Survival

This is the bare minimum of survival items that I carry every day-my Personal Survival Kit (PSK). Some first aid items, salt, orange trail tape, a sewing kit, paracord, small Gerber pocket foloder, water purification tablets, tinfoil and more. When might you need a PSK? Pretty much any time you find yourself unable to make it home, in an emergency such as a power failure or terrorist attack, getting lost on a day hike. Those are just a few of the potential situations you may find yourself in, and having a personal survival kit will make your life that much easier. They weigh next to nothing, and take up very little room in your pockets. PSK’s are the perfect level one kit, with each level working up to your entire bug out bag system.

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  1. tubevideoguy762 | September 16, 2010 at 1:43 am |

    edc imo should always feature some sort of firearm something small and easy to carry, just something to think about

  2. My edc is a boot knife and a lucky penny lol.

  3. Don’t forget your CCW too 🙂

  4. @rippinreefa

    Bugle Boy?

  5. @envirosponsible

    It would mos’ DEFINITELY work for what I would want! *hic*

  6. @envirosponsible

    Hahaha! Nice one.

  7. is the knife a gerber stl 2.0? the stl is a preety good edc blade

  8. @envirosponsible what jeans are you wearing?

  9. envirosponsible | September 16, 2010 at 5:30 am |

    @omatsu123 I live in Ontario, Canada. Rivers and streams are ubiquitous. The fishing kit could also be used to catch birds, though I’d rather not

  10. Urban survival with fishing kit??? Where do you live???

  11. ya man il be sure too

  12. envirosponsible | September 16, 2010 at 7:24 am |

    @niguana22 From the looks of your skating skills you might want to carry some first aid gear too.

  13. you dont honestly carry that shit everyday do you?

  14. How about water purification tablets?
    Why the salt?

  15. @jhynesyahoo i understand where your comeing from just in london they are red hot on knifes as all the idiots who carry them and stab people its going down the drain.

  16. @RedJellyable yea ive been to london and saw the police in force. but in rural areas tho ? irish laws are the same but its really at the discression of the cop. altough the cumberland shootings hasnt helped our way of life either. anyway here most knife crime done with fecking kitchen knives. anyway ive walked past cops with a 6inch knife in a sheath and they didnt bat a lid, ive also known guys done for having small lock knives on them.

  17. @jhynesyahoo well walk in london with that and get stopped and see if they let you go,and before you say what are you doing to get stopped they do random metal detectors at train stations,your getting nicked and charged.

  18. @RedJellyable yea but it depends on the cop really. and your location and what your doing, its not as bad as that.

  19. CdnLifeguard71 | September 16, 2010 at 11:06 am |

    Great basic kit, similar to mine. What I really like about the video which you don’t see from other people’s EDC is you have it on you and show it as you go. Other videos bring it out piece by piece in table top format and you never see how everyone carries it. Some guys have so much in their EDC they must use a backpack to carry it. You can’t carry a backpack all the times and in all situations, but car kit, home kit, work kit and your basic is very doable. Thanks Nate

  20. satansmusic2009 | September 16, 2010 at 11:59 am |

    @johnny102marvin try a regular old pocket flask u can boild water in it later if your need

  21. Any lock knife unless you have and you are doing and prove you are doing a job that needs it

  22. I never thought of it like that!!!

    Yeah Doulbling it would work

  23. You could make a survival bracelet, about 1 foot per inch on your wrist.

  24. @envirosponsible
    Unfortunately over here in the UK there’s been an increase in knife related crime and several high profile incidents and murders It’s a sad indictement of our ‘broken Britain’. Lock-knives have been illegal to carry for quite some time now although I’m not sure if a Leatherman type multitool with locking blades would still come under that heading.

  25. @RedJellyable
    Good point. I sometimes carry a Leatherman when walking my dog as she often gets thorns in paws and has been caught up on barbed wire or discarded fishing tackle more than once. I suppose the police and CPS would have to prove ‘intent’ if you were stopped with a knife. It should come down to profiling.

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