Summer and Survival

The survival of plants depends on water either by rain or irrigation.

During monsoon season plants grow faster and bumper.

One can even virtually see everyday growth in some species of plants.

But during summer, the plants feel sad because they do not get water unless we irrigate them.

Even for irrigation we require water either from well or tank or river.

Unfortunately, most of our rivers remain dry during summer.

Only we see sand filled rivers.

The growth put forth in monsoon months stops and plants try to pull on during summer which is hot not only for plants but also for us.

Plants try to survive by using their natural adaptations restricting the water loss from their foliage.

There are many mechanisms by which plants try to survive during summer.

Man also tries to protect himself from the heat of summer with the help of fans, air coolers and air conditioners.

Some plants which grow in gardens are lucky because the owner of the garden take care of them by giving some irrigation.

These plants are happy enjoying the full sunlight with the available water trying to put forth new foliage and flowers.

But, these unfortunate plants which grow wild, in wasteland, forest, agricultural land suffer a great deal and sometimes they even die.

High temperature and moisture stress force the plants to end their life soon by producing flowers and fruits.

It is a survival mechanism plants possess.

Trees like neem, pongamia, delonix, banian, tamarind, and many more show healthy growth in summer in spite of water shortage.

Such adaptations in plants keep the green plant cover in Planet Earth.

In rain forest region, the story is different.

Plants receive rain throughout the year without a long break to create a drought situation.

Therefore moisture will be available always throughout the year for the plants to grow happily.

Deforestation in such areas is not a problem, because reforestation occurs simultaneously owing to the availability of water from frequent rainfall.

On the other hand, countries like India do not have such favourable conditions.

Three or four summer months every year are detrimental to the plant world.

Whatever growth plants achieved will be lost during summer.

Therefore we need to take care of our plants somehow so that they survive during summer and continue their life for a longer period of time.

Without the survival of plants, human beings cannot lead a happy and healthy life.

Retired Prof.