School Survival – 10 Steps to Survive a Disaster

If you are an educational professional and a crisis such as a fire, earthquake or tornado strikes, your instant consideration must be school survival.

Although the chances of such events occurring are extremely rare you must be educated and know what to do. Accordingly, below are 10 points you should be aware of which will keep your students safe during a disaster.

The tips below were based on a class of 30 kids. Be sure to adjust amounts given accordingly to fit your particular classroom.  It is wise to stock school survival equipment in an enclosed container or if able, a camping type toilet.  School survival supplies must be kept hidden in a safe place such as a janitor’s closet or teacher’s lounge.

1. Be sure that you are prepared with an adequate supply of food. You should keep at least four – 2400 calorie food bars for each child. This food should provide every person with enough energy to help them endure a classroom lockdown situation.  Be certain to purchase food bars that have a five year shelf duration. It is also a good idea to keep some sweets which can help the kids take their minds towards something enjoyable.

2. A sufficient, safe water reserve is vital, so be sure that each child has a water pouch in addition to water purification tablets in the event the rescue takes longer to arrive.

3. You will need a whistle of some type. Even though it is a very basic piece of equipment, it can save your life. If your classroom is cut off from the rest of the school, a mere signaling tool can get the attention of emergency personnel who are trying to locate your group.

4. Be sure to include a radio/flashlight and also a flashing light which could be used to alert assistance.  An emergency bright stick is an excellent example. The AM/FM tuner will provide a welcome distraction but it can keep you informed on directions and rescue information which could save your life.

5. You should always store plenty of sanitation supplies. Important things to store close-by include toilet tissue rolls and hygiene supplies. Also, keep chemical bags which can dispose of human waste. Making sure your safe area is disease and bacteria-free is incredibly important. You can see why it is a good idea to have a portable toilet which can also become a storage container.

6. For your hygiene needs, include some wet naps and a couple of small containers of hand sanitizer. A few air fresheners will not take up much room and will make life a little more bearable in these conditions.

7. A wilderness first aid kit is a must-have and will come in handy during a disaster if you get the best one.  It must be large enough for all of your children.

8. The AM/FM radio was brought up before as an entertainment device but I would also advise including a couple of packs of playing cards and games for children. It is much better if everyone is kept occupied instead of worrying about the negative.

9. Be sure that there are at least 2 people awake at all times to hear emergency workers who are attempting to make contact or for other signs.

10. As the teacher, school survival depends a great deal on how you react, so remain composed under all circumstances and this model will calm your class.

School survival bags are vital to have available at all times.  Being equipped as a teacher or school administrator is the main factor in safeguarding the lives of the ones we love the most.

If you would like to find out additional information about school survival or purchase complete kits filled with everything a classroom of thirty (30) kids may need for a classroom lockdown emergency, please visit

David W Simmons is an acquisitions manager for a commercial real estate investment firm. As a survival hobbyist, he enjoys outdoor activities, music festivals, swimming, and guitar. In his spare time, he interests are focused on e-commerce, web design, and internet marketing.