Planning for your Family Future – Crisis Garden

Could you and your family get off the grid and survive in a panic? Do you have enough seeds to plant a crisis garden to be able to feed your family? Do you have the right kind of seeds to plant? If you’re answering no to these questions, you need to stop wherever you are and ask yourself one very important question. “What would I do if the grocery stores closed and I could not buy food?” The answer is that you and your entire family would probably go hungry unless you have survival food stocked away.


Have you ever grown a garden? Most Americans have grown them for tomatoes or some of their favorite foods. This has been an exceptional way to reduce food expenditures and have fun at the same time. Yes it is work however it has always been rewarding work. Before I began thinking about the ever increasing problems in the world and this country I enjoyed growing tomatoes, broccoli, corn, peppers, beans and many other foods that we either ate or gave away to the neighbors. I will no longer give away what we cannot eat unless it is in exchange for a food I have not grown. I will now use canning methods to store all of the excess foods from my garden to create more survival foods for the future. In case the stuff hits the fan as is becoming increasingly likely I will process foods from my garden for our future consumption. However there is a problem in that most of the seeds that we use are HYBRID meaning that they will produce for a season (Maybe two) and the seeds from the hybrids will not germinate or reproduce again. These are known as terminator seeds in the industry and could kill you crisis garden plans for the long term. The other problem with these seeds is that the nutritional yield of these seeds is lower as seed companies and farmers have striven over the years to produce more, the nutritional value has declined in the end product that you buy in the grocery.


The answer to this problem is heirloom or open pollination seeds that have not been genetically altered. These seeds will produce year after year and produce some amazing results in nutritional value, you may not get as many tomatoes but they will have a vastly higher nutritional value and the seeds will reproduce. These seeds will assure that your crisis garden has a long term chance to ensure some of your family survival essentials. These types of seeds are still available but are highly sought after and increasingly unavailable for many varieties of food. I believe this is due to the 2012 believers and the TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) followers. Whatever your beliefs are the seeds are becoming increasingly hard to find and I would humbly suggest you stock up on your favorite varieties when you find them.


With the increasing prices of fuel driving up the prices of food it only makes that much more sense to start your crisis garden to lower your food cost for your family. I do not follow the 2012 or other groups however the economy has me worried and I am taking steps to add to my family survival essentials and prepare for the worst (even long term) as the national debt rises I know I will be negatively effected in the future. This is one way I can prepare for a disaster and lower my grocery bill at the same time.

With all of the severe weather events seemingly on the increase I have been stocking some canned goods for an emergency. Last year when the wind storm from the hurricane came through my house was without power for two weeks. After this I began looking for ways to better prepare for my family and found a lot of good advice and products. You may find more information on my web page Family Survival Essentials or read one of my other articles on this subject of family survival and emergency preparedness.

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