Outdoor Survival Skills For The City

Why would you need outdoor survival skills if you live in a city or in the suburbs? This is not a forest or rural area, how could I use outdoor skills? Example, what if your out on the streets at night trying to make your way home after some unexpected event and you are not sure of yourself, could you survive?

You would be better prepared if you knew what you may expect in this situation so you could survive it with more confidence. If you knew the area and what the best routes were, you would be more comfortable than just making the best of it. Some pre planning would make a difference. Learn your area and how to get around it!

Are you capable of profiling people so you would know who could be a danger to you? Fortunately you can tell the bad guys a lot of the time by the way they handle or carry themselves. If you get a bad feeling for someone “follow your instincts” and move on. Do some research on how to profile personalities, this could save your live on the streets.

If there are parks in your town or surrounding area, these could be considered wilderness up to a point. If you had to bug out from your house, these areas may be a temporary safe place to go. Could you live out under the stars for a couple nights. If you don’t know, try camping to get used to it. You may find you enjoy getting outside if it is new to you.

To sum it up there really are a lot of things you can learn about your city that you can store away in your brain for future use. Get out occasionally and drive around areas of your town that you won’t normally go to so you know what it looks like, and what kind of people live there. Your city is your outdoors learn to survive there!

Do you prepare for what may happen un unexpectedly? You can never know when some unforeseen incident will catch you off guard. For more information on urban preparedness go to http://www.squidoo.com/survival-preparedness-in-the-city“>Survival Preparedness and you will find some of the best book resources available. Learn all you can about being prepared for the future.