Outdoor Survival: How To Make A Well Prepared Fire

Showing all you following users how to make a well prepared fire. First get some birch bark ( white or yellow I prefere to use yellow birch because i think it lites better and also its nice and dry and crinkly. Then find old hemlock and make sure its dry, you want to get the end of the branches where they are dead. get a bunch of them and crinkle them up and put on top of birch bark. Then put small sticks ontop on the first two steps in teepee form. After that then just add up by putting bigger sticks every time stil in teepee form. SUBSCRIBE TO TRAPPERMAN9!!! Follow us on twitter at www.twitter.com Become a fan of us on facebook!!! Check out our website its www.trapperman9.webs.com Help us become a partner by adding and subscribe to us!! THANKS!!

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    nice and nice atv

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