Outdoor Counter Stools

Many different businesses such as restaurants, resorts and country clubs use outdoor commercial counter stools to create comfortable spaces for their members and guest to relax and have a drink at their outdoor bar. When you are first beginning the search to find the best counter stools for your facility it can seem to be a little over whelming. Here are a few tips for you to help ease the process:

Wrought Iron Counter Stools

It is important that you choose outdoor barstools that are weather resistant and easy to clean. Wrought iron outdoor barstools tend to last longer than other varieties, and wooden outdoor barstools need to be specially treated for the elements. Purchasing weather resistant outdoor barstools will prevent you from needing to move them when the weather changes. You may also want to consider getting folding outdoor barstools for easy transport.

Backless Counter Stools

Counter stools can be purchased with or without backs and arms. They might be swivel or stationary, depending on need and preference. The metal varieties, such as wrought iron, tend to last longer outdoors. In contrast, wooden bar stools are specially treated to survive the elements.

The other style is the all metal stationary barstool with the higher back and no arms. These are not always the most attractive looking things but they serve the basic seating purpose nicely. They are usually used in commercial settings and depending on the material that they are made of; they can with stand high volume on a day in day out basis.

Height of Counter Stools

The height of any barstools must be judged carefully before purchasing. Generally the height of the barstools seat is 10 to 13 inches lower than the counter top, where they are placed. This may not seem like a big deal. If you believe this then think again. I have seen a busy outdoor restaurant bar go from being very busy to not busy at all strictly due the height of stool they bought as it was too tall for the bar that they had. Their customers were not comfortable and within a few weeks business had a sharp decline. Once the old barstools were put back in the bar the revenues came back as well!

Logoed Counter Stools

You can also customize your outdoor counter stools with your own logo. There are manufactures that offer this type of customization in to a metal barstool while other manufactures have the technology to burn your logo into a wooden barstool.

Wood bar stools have an aesthetic all their own. They offer a natural look that is available in light and dark hues. They can also be shaped into many different designs and shapes that add to the look and beauty of the stools.

We have covered a few hints to get you started to purchase the best outdoor counter stools for your facility. Once your customers and guests find a comfortable spot waiting for them, they will return to spend more and more money in your facility.

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