My survival kit

A video that shows what I carry in my little survival kit. Lots of handy tools in a small bag

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  1. Every survival kit needs a gun against bears and zombies 🙂
    suggest you buy one ^^

  2. tin foil, to make a hat out of

  3. Exellent..thank you

  4. Did your momy pack your lunch box today? NO food + NO water = you DEAD

  5. chevygearhead454 | September 13, 2010 at 8:48 pm |

    @avair12 Yah thats what i do i go camping with my BOB but i guess at that point its just backpacking then i make a lis tof something i forgot or something i should include as well as things to leave behind

  6. awesome kit. you have it all covered. u speak nice and clear easy to hear/make out.
    as a stroke survivor i dont travel as far or fast as i used to but still get out there…on foot, kayak and 4 wheeler. love the outdoors. what was name of ur opack again where did u get it? thx karen.

  7. @Controvey This is actually my old Video I posted a new video on my kit check it out and let me know what you think.

  8. This is one of those kits that is made to suit the owner of said kit. He’s not telling you what you need, he’s just tossing you some ideas, some of which are good. I’d biff a lot of the items in his kit as well as unwrap some of the others to lower the weight and pack size.

    Do you use a medical kit too? If not you might want to add some first aid supplies.

  9. I’m glad you carry lots of zip ties, those fricking things can do more than you’d believe. I’ve trusted my life to those little plastic miracles more than once.

  10. @urkingod Its not a trend to me. I actually go out hiking and catch and photograph wildlife. And you never know what you will need. See my kits not for just survival but for anytime use. Like oh I need some wire i have it. Im not going to go all the way back for something. This kit comes in handy and Im always adding things and taking things out and not putting them back.

  11. @Bobbo63 Yeah Leatherman has a bad rep with me with the tips breaking off them. There so expensive yet one I had all the toold broke on them and the pliars. So I understand your feelings on them

  12. @purklefluff Watch my other surviival kit Video. This video is like 2 years old. I use everything in this kit and yes I need everythng i carry. Plus a 12×12 bag isnt big It fits in my Pack with out any problems. I have started doing videos on use of all I have in the pack. Watch my video on Making cookware with wire and tin foil. So take a look let me know what you think of my updated kit

  13. i think you’d find in a real situation that most of the stuff you had there was ‘dead weight’, so to speak.

    yeah, you might USE a clean washcloth, but you certainly don’t need it, and i wouldn’t stick one in a survival kit.

    couple of things you’re missing:
    – solid knife
    – three feet of braided wire (really handy)
    – small aluminium container for boiling water or cooking in.

    if you were clever you could stick your kit inside the aluminium container while walking. your kit doesn’t need to be big

  14. @robinaguilar1 OWNED!! HAHAHA

  15. fuck leatherman…. gerber all the way!!!

  16. great video man

  17. mrihatejews45 | September 14, 2010 at 4:26 am |

    dont pay any attention to any1 who is talking down on this good job and i will add sum of this to my kit

  18. good shit man, thanks for sharing with us

  19. @Ryan741963 Are you cruising?

  20. @WAKRAPPER1 So does your mom.

  21. @robinaguilar1 I’ve pulled in 3 foot sharks with some line wrapped around a dowel. Some of the largest fish I’ve ever landed were done with a hand line.

    Kudos to dofair for getting out there.

  22. this kit blows

  23. StarlightPlan | September 14, 2010 at 6:49 am |


    I knew it, arizona or Southern Nevada 🙂

  24. @robinaguilar1 Well fish here can get as big as 4 feet depending on where your at or as small as 4 inches. You can catch some big fish when you have nothing but a line a hook and a worm you found. You dont need a $100.00 rod and 200.00 in tackle all you need is a worm on a hook just like they did it a long time ago. Plus here Rabbits run all over and there with in rock distance and there so much you can hunt. I should know I live here and you dont.

  25. @StarlightPlan It was filmed in Mayer Arizona

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