Music Festival Survival Tips

Festival Survival Tips

Thinking of going to a Music festival this year? Then get those wellies at the ready and read on to make sure you’re prepared! Here’s our top ten tips…

1) Well I may as well say it now. TAKE WELLIES. It may seem like common sense to most but Field + Rain + 100,00 people trampling around = lots and lots of mud! You may think that you can cope without them or that you don’t want to look like a saddo, but when it’s pouring down and the mud’s up to your ankles, you’ll be glad you took my advice!

2) Take sun cream. Ok I know what you’re thinking, “wellies and sun cream? Ae you a moron?”. Well I’m sure anyone who’s braved a music festival will tell you, if it’s not p**sing down, it’s baking hot, there really is no happy medium so be prepared for all evantualities.

3) Get there as early as possible. Unless you want to be camped 38 miles from the main stage get there as early as you can.

4) Choose your spot wiseley. There’s a fine line between a great spot and an awful spot. Close to the fence may be a good idea because it gives you easy toileting but you could find that everyone around you has the same idea and you get a river of pee flowing beside you. Don’t get there early and take up a vast area for your encampment, you’ll return from your ‘lets go have a look around’ on the first day to find every man and his dog pitched right in between you and your mates. Keep it tight, leave enough space in the middle for the bbq and mark your territory (not like that!)

5) Don’t take too many clothes. One set and one spare set normally does the job. It’s going to be a trek from the car park to the campsite (and I’m talking hours rather than minutes) so the lighter the load the better!

6) Be sensible with the food you take. A typical festival burger costs £65.90 and a portion of chips will set you back £92 so taking some food is always a good idea. Be careful not to take anything that can go off (your tent will be like an oven) and nothing that’s too heavy (remember you have to carry it).

7) Take some toilet roll. It’ll save your life and you can sell it for a small fortune if you get stuck for cash.

8) Go and see a band you’ve never heard of. I’ve discovered some of the best bands by just randomly rocking up to a tent or stage in the early afternoon, believe me, it’ll change your life.

9) Memorise the way back to your tent. In the pitch black after 10 pints of the good stuff, it all looks the same! And those green portaloo’s really don’t make for a good night’s sleep.

10) Have fun, be safe spead some love and bring some back for the rest of us!

Peter Rooney is the author of Camping Now offering camping advice and camping equipment price comparison