Mountain Peak Is The Limit

The site is all about the adventurous Lei Wang, a sheer inspiration for all women climbers. Lei Wang wishes to be the first Chinese cum first Asian-American woman to reach the top of the highest mountains of each continent and both Poles. Body: Since the very beginning, it has been a dream for Lei to become a climber. Now after having succeeded Lei has shared experience about her ventures to the unknown territories. Through her motivational community speeches, charity talks, universities visits, she has been emphasizing the zeal to accept challenge and encourage budding climbers.

The success story of this vibrant female climber has motivated others to set their goals and be desperate to achieve them. But like always, the journey hasn’t been a smooth for Lei Wang climber. She watched films and documentary films of mountaineering to know the over all business and expeditions clearly. Before gearing up for the final challenge, she has to learn about all the aspects of mountaineering which requires proper knowledge in technical competency, winter survival, rock climbing and wilderness survival. She jumped into the adventurous sports activities to charge herself and be sure for the final mental and physical tests. Climbing is all about pushing the limit and not giving up. There are hurdles in every step that can be troublesome to get over.

Lei also faced some of the deadliest hedges while climbing seven summits. Her Kilimanjaro peak was most difficult so far as she climbed in her weak condition. But, she managed to drag herself one after another and reached the summit. Sometimes there was bad weather due to storm on the mountain like in Denali where she had to survive under grave situation. Also, most importantly they charge themselves with meditation.

The mental strength is the actual remedy to all barriers. Right positive attitude and strong immune system help Lei raise the bar for her. During these seven summits and the Poles climbing, Lei has gaped at some of the most beautiful yet unknown beauties in the lap of nature. But beauty lies in disguise; as nature tried to crush her hard with numerous difficulties. But being a dare devil herself; she was adamant to fulfill her mission. She came to know the local habitat, culture, myths and legends around the mountains. She learned the different features of different climates. Sometimes the local supporters cheer them up and supplied water with other basic necessities.

Even, she with her fellow climbers was treated in luxurious way. And then nobody can imagine how she feels while touching the peak of a mountain. The feeling is at complete loss. All the burden and trouble is paid of with one precious moment. But, for any climber the dream to touch the larger than life Everest peak is inevitable. So in her case, she has been under relentless training to climb the highest mountain and set a record as the first Chinese woman Mountain Everest climber. All her well wishers are showering in their best wishes massages for Lei to be on the peak.

Mountaineering is the passion to Lei Wang who has been a motivation with all exciting climbing stories in her kitty. Pushing the limits is the keyword behind her success.