Maxpedition Methuselah Gear Bag 360 Degree Review

I found this great review on Amazon, he goes kinda fast, but its a wonderful review of the Maxpedition Methuselah bag.  He says it’s, “A range bag, work bag, tool bag. Short and squat and fills up a ton.  See it at Zippers all the way down to the ground from both sides and opens wide-mouth. Padded all the way around. Perfect for laptops or range gear.”

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  1. I know! So sorry. Must’ve had some coffee right before this.

  2. the army surplus bag is actually a AK ammo pouch, 3 AK mag carry bag if not mistaken 🙂

  3. ScreamingBlueMessiah | August 22, 2010 at 7:55 am |

    Slow down man, you’re making me dizzy!

  4. Ah! Thx so much for the explanation Eyespy.

  5. the daisy chain is used to loop rope through the straps to keep it from knotting and so that all you have to do is pull on it to deploy it. The name daisy chain comes from a particular type of knot used a lot in climbing but also to bundle speaker and mic wires. You see many climbing back packs with these type of attachment point, specially on the front flaps.

  6. Thx for th info, HRWulf and Shinobi. That’s a pretty useful feature.

  7. I ended up using it every single day to work. Holds my books and binders and stuff perfectly. Toss lunch in there too.

  8. lol, You’re too kind! 🙂

  9. Thx alot Idmak. I actually don’t do anythng with the velcro, just leave them be. I have a couple patches from MilSpecMonkey that I use on this pouches. Wonder if any of MPs velcro attachments are any good…?

  10. First, thank you for all the GREAT and detailed reviews. I do have a question: On Maxpedition bags you often see a big square of velcro on one of the sides. Can you tell me if you have ever actually used that for anything or found any useful velcro attachments for it? Thanks again. -LD

  11. What man would not want a woman like this in his life? LOL…. She is THE example of the absolute perfect woman.

  12. WiccaIsGood | August 22, 2010 at 1:29 pm |

    i like this bag for a range bag. i may have to invest in 1 of these. thanks for the reviews. without them i would be lost as to what kind of gear is out there & all the uses for them. the first hand accounts really help with a buying decision. keep up the good work.

  13. I’ll have to watch it again but I think I said I would recommend black for this bag. I just don’t do black, myself, for bags or clothes or anything, cuz I don’t look good in it. This Methuselah would be fab in black and would fit right in at the office/jobsite/etc.

  14. Thx Andrew and Nic. I had no idea. You guys are awesome.

  15. Out of curiosity, why would you not recommend black? Is there a disadvantage to using that color?

  16. You wanted to know what a daisy chain is for. They got the name from a particular type of knot that is called a daisy chain, It allows a person to bind eqipment to a rope. The same principle is used for the ” daisy chain” on your bag. It allows you to use carabiner clips to attach odd pieces of gear. Think flash lights, pocket knives, keys, etc.

  17. shinobi19692000 | August 22, 2010 at 3:38 pm |


    On the side of the bag you can attach carabiners

  18. hehe totally love the Woow part where you open the bag roz hehe

  19. AndrewXAnarchy is pretty much right. it’s an old soviet paratrooper belt pouch for holding Ak47/74 mags.

  20. Hi Chris. I checked it out and the only velcro on it holds the handle shut and the velcro patch on the outside back of the bag. Guess you could slap a holster on there huh? j/k 🙂

  21. Nice review! Is there any velcro inside the bag for the maxpedition holster?

  22. stealthyspider | August 22, 2010 at 6:01 pm |

    Thanks for another great review.

  23. AndrewXAnarchy | August 22, 2010 at 6:58 pm |

    That bag looks Romanian, It was probably an AK47 Pouch at one point.

  24. great video roz

  25. Very nice video and a great bag that I can imagine all kinds of uses for. Keep up the excellent work and carry on Roz.

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