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Yes We Can organize successfully around the world, “life changing outdoor camps” for different target groups: 14 to 17 years, 18 years old, gamers and families. We offer various programs such as weekend, midweek and three-week programs. The camps have been developed in close cooperation with several experienced experts from home and abroad. Yes We Can “has proven to be life changing outdoor camps’ for young people and families to start a new life can be. Each person is different and the associated problem, we can compose an appropriate program for everyone. The Yes We Can team has its own professional team of experienced experts and therapists (business) leaders.
Purpose & audience
The `life changing outdoor camps” designed to include young people and families, who lack motivation and behavior, or whatever reason are stuck in their lives and do not just come out. This audience does not know what they want with their lives and see what they can not reach. We help their lives back on track, based on a personal and professional approach. As a participant they do a lot of self-knowledge and work on their personal development. Once home, they can through this experience again in a positive, constructive way, shape their own lives.
Camps in 2010
Participants can choose from the following “life changing outdoor camps”:
    * Weekend
    * Midweek
    * 3-Weeks
    * Exclusive 3-Week
Locations and activities
Participants in the Yes We Can camps in the choice of two camp sites, the pristine nature of the Belgian Ardennes and the rugged Canadian Rocky Mountains (only 3-Week Exclusive). During the camps are the participants daily intensive sessions led by the Yes We Can own team. Besides daily found challenging outdoor activities take place, accompanied by the permanent “outdoor” team of Jan Willem Poot, owner of JT & Junior Outdoor Travels. Depending on the location, the activities include: wildlife watching, hiking, bushcraft, camp, fishing, climbing, abseiling, mountain biking, canoeing, climbing several mountains, horseback riding, build bridges, activities in caves and much more. The activity program is linked to our intensive program of group sessions and individual interviews (one-on-one).
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Are you interested in one of the “life changing outdoor camps? Send an email to Can also sign up directly through the application form, we will contact you to schedule a personal interview. This may, within 2 weeks.
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