Innkeepers Narrowly Survive a Scary Situation

Jeff had grown up in Woodstock, New Hampshire, where his parents owned a decent sized Bed and Breakfast. The old homestead had more than ten rooms and could accommodate 16 people at a time. It was a well regarded establishment that had customers return year after year for the many tourist seasons that the White Mountains had to offer. The Bed and Breakfast sat atop a hill and had a stunning view southward of the White Mountain section of the Appalachian Mountain range. The best seasons of the year were summer, fall, and winter with the numerous outdoor activities that the area provided.

In the summer there were wonderful hiking opportunities in the lush green mountains that were less than an hour’s trip. The mountains were older and relatively smaller, compared to the western Rockies, and thus hiking was easy and available for people of all ages. The trails were both well travelled and well maintained, and made for days of new discoveries to be found such as rivers and waterfalls. In the fall the leaves changed to brilliant colors and although the temperatures were cooler, it was still reasonably warm enough to do some nature exploring, or take the cog railway to the top of Mount Washington. The winter was time for skiing, and there were plenty of mountains within a short driving distance.

Jeff inherited the business when his parents passed away and he did a fine job managing the business. He also had in the downstairs part that added additional business. With so much money going through the place on a regular basis, he should have installed a home security system no matter how safe he thought the area might be. It was a precaution he should have taken, especially when he was responsible for other people on a regular basis.

The building was up to state code for everything in terms of fire and safety. The monthly gas and oil bills were huge because of all the fuel that was used for cooking and heating the place. The water heater was massive because Jeff needed to have an ample supply to keep the shower hot for all the customers, especially in the winter months.  So far he had not had any complaints ever about a cold shower.

One day in the spring he came home from running some errands when he found his wife Jen in a strange mood. When he found her she had fallen asleep sitting at the kitchen table and he revived her with a little difficulty. She said she was incredibly dizzy and her memory was foggy. He suddenly began to feel very woozy himself and they decided to get out of the house. The fresh air revived him and he called the authorities explaining his situation. The ambulance and fire department rushed to the bed and breakfast and the EMT’s diagnosed the problem as carbon monoxide poisoning.  The deadly situation could have been avoided with a home security system that came with a carbon monoxide detector.

They were very lucky that Jen was safe and Jeff had returned home in time. They were also very lucky that no guests had been in the building because that could have been very bad. Jeff reconsidered the security system and immediately knew it was the best choice. He had been lucky one time, but with other people’s lives on the line he could not afford the risk and he had a security system installed later that week. The system came complete with not only burglar protection but also smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide protection.

<a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’);” href=””>adt home security</a> will help assist you with more than just burglars if you are the proprietor of a small in or family run bed and breakfast. <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’);” href=””>adt alarm system</a> can also alert you of serious or deadly health threats such as carbon monoxide.