Important Camping Gear For Your Trip

Copyright (c) 2009 Jonathan Perez

Even though leaving the everyday constraints of a nine to five is always on the back of the nature lovers mind, regardless of how experienced they are it is always imperative that you’re properly equipped when you go. Probably one of the types of gear you must take with you that could prove to be a lifesaver when something unexpected occurs is emergency supplies and kits.

You have to take with you the proper climbing boots if you are planning on doing any kind of hiking when you’re out camping. If you do happen to get stuck in the woods, a pair of sneakers just won’t do. Now, durable footware will cost more, however it will give your tootsies stronger protection from blistering up, will keep them nice and dry, and will let air ventilate your feet. Have in mind the type of footware you take along and use since if you get to the point that your feet begin to experience pain even the littlest things and movements can really hurt.

Following, the true nature lover will have to have a reliable tent to sleep in at night. Whatever tent you choose to take with you has to be one that you can walk with for a good distance and that’s not difficult to have breakdown and set up. Practice carrying the tent around on your back before the trip to test if you can withstand the weight for a long period of time while on the go. One thing you definitely want to avoid is carrying that tent with you and then having to waste hours mantling.

I would have to say that two of the most important pieces of camping supplies to bring along on your hiking trip are a sharp buck knife and a rechargeable flashlight. Knives can help cutting up food, getting branches for fire, and for repairing or making other tools. Be sure to get a proper sheath for your knife and to make sure that the blade is sharp for every trip you make.

So the outdoorsman will be carrying a tent, extra clothing, food, white gas for fire, a knife and other equipment, therefore he will need a good backpack that will help him haul along whatever he needs. A backpack that you can rely on has to come with chest and waist straps, because if not you’ll be forced to manhandle the entire thing on your delts, and it will definitely feel a lot more difficult to take with ever move you make. To protect your back, the backpack should have support bars.

Pack your bare necessities because that’s all you’ll stand to carry for a long hike. Don’t forget, in addition to the previous items, you’ll need to bring emergency supplies as well. You’ll need a first aid kit, spare batteries, ropes and flashlights. For comfort you’ll want to have a sleeping bag and cooking supplies.

Without these items or a superior knowledge of outdoor survival, it would be difficult to spend extended periods of time out in the wilderness. Though you may not plan to be away for long, sometimes the worst can happen and therefore it is best to be prepared. Even the most rugged outdoorsman would agree.

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