14 Comments on "I’m considering buying a Remmington 700 rifle for survivalism. What’s the best caliber to get it in?"

  1. I would recommend either .308 or .30-06 because of the power, common caliber and great range. I have both and have zeroed them at 150 yards.

  2. I agree, get a common caliber, something that every country hardware store would carry…

    .308 or .30-06

    I am going to do the same!

  3. 223 is pretty readily available and very inexpensive ! can carry thousands of rounds easily and very accurate to a couple hundred yards!

  4. 870 Express | January 18, 2010 at 1:00 pm |

    for survivalist? .308. i think the larger size would offer you more versatility.

  5. 30-06 if you want to go big but personally I prefer something I can carry a 1000+ rounds

  6. roadhazzards | January 18, 2010 at 1:54 pm |

    Either a .223 or a .308, these are two of the most popular and there for most readily available cartridges. Additionally both are current military cartridges which means a ready supply of reloadable brass and possibly surplus ammunition.

  7. depends on where you live and what you are hunting, if its predetors like coyote or fox, then defently get the 22-250. If its somthing like Whitetail, mule, elk or moose then get something like a 270. win. If its bigger then get a 300. wsm or a 338. win mag

  8. For your application I say .308 smaller rounds like. 223 won’t have the force behind them remember in survival situations range gets shorter due to urban terrain and the fact that you will likely be weakened the US army has been complaining about lack of kinetic force from the 223

    Make sure you have lots of ammo and a good optic but make sure your optic allows for the use of your irons as well

  9. METROPOLIS1 | January 18, 2010 at 3:48 pm |

    Survivalism means different things to different people… If you mean survivalism in the sense of getting thru a collapse of society then consider a rifle chambered in .223… For this scenario you don’t want a Remington 700… You want a carbine… I’m not going to get in the whats the best carbine argument here… A light weigh rifle with a box magazine is whats necessary for you and your family’s protection…

    On the other hand if you mean survivalism in the wild living away from people I really don’t think 1 rifle fits the bill… If you are in an area that has large animals for food then surely consider a rifle chambered in .308…. Make sure its a light weight model. Not one with a heavy barrel… A model around 7 pounds unloaded is perfect…. I still feel a light weight carbine chambered in .223 would be an excellent choice with your Remington in .308… A .22 for rabbit would be great too….






    If what your interested in is survival in a collapsed economy then you must read this….

  10. Oh get a .308 it is a good round and less recoil then the .30-06 the Military uses the round in the sniper rifles. And you can use it on most any type of hunting.

  11. You would be better off getting a shotgun for that situation. You can shoot slugs as well as regular shotshells. How are you going to shoot birds and small game with a large caliber rifle, and survive on what is left?

    If you are going to limit yourself to a large caliber rifle then get a .30-06. You can find ammo all over the world. It is big enough to kill all game in North America, but is a little on the small side for large bears.

  12. Remington 700 .308

    Even though it was written about 30 years ago, 95% of the info is still relevant
    “Survival Guns” – Mel Tappan

  13. .308 Winchester or 7.62NATO (they are really the same, except for the powder charge) would probably be the best one.

    .308Win is slightly lower weight, and slightly lower recoil than 30-06. You can carry more with you for the same weight, and it will be more comfortable to shoot. In addition, 30-06 has been phased out as the military cartridge. .308 is NATO standard and used by the military. Although I don’t see 30-06 ever really leaving us, I do see .308 taking its place in the coming years, and 30-06 taking the passenger seat.

    .223 is really not what I would choose for a bolt action rifle… if I wanted .223 I would get an AR15 with a 5.56chamber and get it as close to MilSpec as possible.

    Anything other than .308 or 30-06 is not as common as you would probably like, and most other common cartridges are a waste of time for a bolt action rifle.

  14. dca2003311@yahoo.com | January 18, 2010 at 6:14 pm |

    The 30-30 has Harvested more game than any other caliber in North America whether it is big or small game.* The vast majority of game is harvested within 100 yards or less.* The 30-30 will be effective to a maximum range of 250 yards.*

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