I have a question about survival techniques: avoiding a shark attack.?

Let’s say I was swimming in the ocean and somebody came by on a wave runner and sprinkled chum all around me. If I can’t get back to shore, is there any way to stop the sharks from eating me?
chum=a mixture of fish parts and fish blood, used to attract other fish and sharks

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  1. sprinkled what lol

  2. Bridget P | May 13, 2010 at 9:20 pm |

    As there is no way to stop sharks from attacking you, especially with chum all over you, you should just swim back to shore as fast as you can. If you do see a shark and it gets close, you can kick or punch it in the nose, that is the best way for you to get it to leave you alone.

  3. captainhook3000 | May 13, 2010 at 9:46 pm |

    PUNCH it in the nose don’t bleed, don’t piss, don’t thrash (unless punching), get to shallow water or a reef.
    Also it’s important to know not all sharks are killers, hammerheads for instance are totally chill and almost never attack.

  4. Give it a whack on the nose or poke the eyes. These are very sensitive place to a shark. The shark pulls it’s eyes in for protection when attacking so if you can get the right place at the right time you might have a bit of a chance. Hope you don’t have try this out though but if you do, can you let me knoe if it works. thanks 😉

  5. one………….stat out of the water……..two stay out of the water…three..stay out of the water………..got the idea

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