How To Take Care Teak Furniture

First-time buyers of teak furniture often wonder how best they can preserve the great condition of their outdoor furniture. They have invested quite a sum in order to get hold of their beautiful teak patio chairs, dining tables and loungers. Indeed, it can be nerve-wracking to simply leave them outdoors all year round. With changing seasons and unpredictable weather, they don’t know how the teak patio chairs or furniture pieces would fare.

If you are one of the lucky homeowners who were able to acquire a wonderful teak furniture piece, then you need not worry much. Your outdoor furniture has inherent amazing qualities that don’t require much protection. It’s practically maintenance-free. You can leave it outdoors and it can survive extreme shifts in the weather.

Caring for your teak patio chairs and furniture pieces depends largely on your preference. You should know that in its natural form, teak wood has a honey color. If you leave the furniture outdoors exposed over a period of time, it will develop a silver gray sheen. This silver patina is only a cosmetic change brought about by age and exposure and it does not in any way affect the quality of the teak wood.

If you want to maintain the honey color of your teak patio chairs and tables then you need to apply some teak sealer. Teak sealer offers UV protection to keep your teak patio furniture from undergoing color transformation because of constant sun exposure. Aside from this, it has fungicidal properties that create a layer of protection to prevent the growth of molds and mildew with water pooling on the surface of your teak pieces.

Once you applied a teak sealer to your teak patio chairs and tables, only a few care and maintenance steps can be made. You can wash your teak furniture with soap and water to remove dirt and soil. If you’re overprotective of your pricey investment, you can also buy some furniture covers to appease your mind.

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