How to Choose an Outdoor Fire Pit

It always pleasurable for all the family to assemble together and chill out al fresco on balmy summer evenings but what do you do in the fall or spring when evenings are chilly but you still want to be outdoors? You could put up a backyard fireplace but this can be quite a considerable job and you can’t take it with you if you move. One solution could be to use an outdoor fire pit. Fire pits produce the look and warmth of a campfire to your deck or garden but in a very controlled and protected way. Additionally a lot of fire pits are transportable, so you can take them on trips or if you move address, or move them around on your terrace or backyard to a more suitable point.

Fire Pit Styles & Designs

Fire pits can be purchased in a diversity of distinct styles including a fire bowl design, camping rings, chimney style or tabletop fire pits. Also they come in a range of sizes from about 25 inches in diameter, medium up to 35 inches, and extremely large up to 50 inches which are just about as big as a patio table! Of course your finances and the area where you are going to position your fire pit will determine which size you should buy. Low-cost fire pits for approximately $99 are obtainable but they may not survive for any length of time, two or three seasons at the most. Metal in these economical models tends to be thin and prone to rusting and often screens are not very well-made and can disintegrate. At the other extreme there are fire pits powered by gas from roughly $500 to more than $2500 which will keep going for many years.

Fire Pit Accessories

In addition to your outdoor fire pit you may also want to acquire a number of accessories. As a rule fire pits are supplied with a screen to prevent sparks from being a danger but they often become twisted and broken down through use. An added accessory that is functional is a grill so you can cook on your fire pit! If you are going to leave it outside then you certainly must have a fire pit cover to shield it from the elements. Some also come with tables.

Fire Pit Safety

At all times study the manufacturers directions before you make use of your fire pit. It is not a good proposal to use an outside fire pit on a wood deck, a cement or tile floor or outside on the ground is much safer. You ought to also make certain you don’t use it near to anything that is inflammable such as fences, trees or other wooden items. Piled up dry grass or other dried plant material is also flammable so be cautious if you have just mowed the lawn!

Fire Pit Portability

When you choose the type of outdoor fire pit to buy consider if you want it to be portable. Some of the outdoor gas fire pits are weighty and not really effortless to move. Smaller, lighter fire pits can be transported around or taken with you on trips or to the beach

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