Fixing Your Bike in the Great Outdoors

One of the biggest problems for cyclists is when they break down and the situation seems a bit hopeless. If you’ve got a phone handy, maybe catch a ride with a car going in your direction, or use your wits and be prepared for such an occasion. This way you have the opportunity to make a quick fix that will at least get you and your bike safely home. 

Basically, knowing what to do and how to do it is important. Also, that you carry a small survival kit that will include things needed to possibly fix the mountain bike. With this idea in mind, then you have the overall ability to “quick fix” it. Surprisingly there are some cyclists that are quite literally prepared for any eventuality. They use specialist containers for different items that can also prove useful. For example, thin copper wire, tyre patches, and even unexpected items like zip ties as well.  

No individual has to get hysterical and panic if when cycling something happens to it. Well, that is if he or she is ready. There are lots of stuff an individual can actually do in order to be better prepared even before a bike actually strands you. Purchase a few spokes of the right size – the kind with nipples – and tie them under the chain stay. This also keeps them out of sight. Therefore the spokes act as a reserve. Just in case you break a spoke. Another thing bikers do is fill his or her tire with some type of sealant. This can work superbly, and in many events as it is also takes a lot more to puncture a wheel that has sealant of some kind.  

Obviously, there are those pesky common hiccups that are going to attempt to mess up the mountain biking enjoyment. In the case of having loose jockey wheels, these come loose usually because they weren’t tightened enough in the first place. Either way, have no fear. Get a piece of your copper wire and a bolt and you can fix it on the spot. All by looping it so that the jockey wheel stays in place until you are able to get some place where you can fix it correctly. 

A tire with a bad cut in it isn’t going to hold any air, and you are faced of course with a flat tire. Just by using duct tape – that you should have in your little survival kit – should do the trick. However, you should use another layer of tape for added security. A piece of cloth can even work at times if the cut isn’t massive and the tire hasn’t run flat.   

Nothing hurts more than when biking and the seat falls off. Astoundingly, the seat can be reattached with zip ties or a bit of wire. Remember when sitting back on the seat once again it is a pretty good idea to sit down carefully – unless you want a sore bottom! 

In addition, if you have no spare at hand and the tube on your cycle gets punctured, there is another way of repairing it temporarily. Gently pull the tube apart where it is cut or punctured, and knot it at both ends very tightly. This way the tube will expand. Yet you should take care over inflate too much or use a lot of pressure either.

Not all bikes are the same but many of them can be fixed temporarily in the similar. Some of course are different: a road bike will be different to a high-end MTB. Ten speeds have gears and cogs when repaired aren’t going to be as easy to have as a temporary fix. However, it is normally possible to get some of the lower gears on a ten speed to work and at least get you somewhere to repair the bike properly. 

There is a trick to taking a tire off should it need to be fixed. Be sure that when repairing tires without any tire levers that all of the air is out of the tire. Then, you can hold the tire upright against the floor. Use both your hands around the top and pinch. The tire beads at the center of your rim channel, so work downwards with your hands. When your hands actually meet at the bottom you will see for yourself that you have just enough space to pull the bead over the rim. Believe it or not, the theory works. 

Mountain Bike repairs carried out on the fly aren’t typicallyany good as a permanent repair and can only last for a short while. That’s why it’s crucial to get somewhere or to a point that it can be fixed properly. The main thing is by having a little knowledge and know-how, you won’t be stranded or finding another means of transportation

Gart is a busy working dad of two, who gets out on his mountain bike as often as chance allows.