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Hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities are great ways to develop an appreciation for nature.

Our state and national parks provide wonderful opportunities to enjoy nature.

Hiking, fishing, cycling, horseback riding, white water rafting and kayaking, skiing, rock climbing and mountaineering are sports you may wish to add to your camping adventure.

Having the proper apparel is very important for your safety and comfort when camping. Always include a fleece jacket, rain gear, and wind wear. You must have drinking water and a first aid kit.

If you go camping in the winter take extra clothing and protective gear.

Most of the national and state parks have excellent websites, where you can get information on hiking trails and available activities.

If you want additional information on popular points of interest check travel books and park brochures.

There are usually outfitters available in the area that offer excursions and rentals for the park you are visiting.

Hiking trails offer a pleasant activity that can consist of a simple walk around the park, or a more strenuous workout.

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Advanced planning is a key ingredient to enjoying your hike; you will want to have a daypack wth water, a rain/wind jacket, sweater, a first aid kit, snacks, and, most importantly a good pair of hiking boots.

Your safety in the event of an encounter with a large animal such as a bear or mountain lion may depend on having adequate information on how to protect yourself.

“Car camping” is camping in a tent, but nearby the car for easier access and for supply storage.

Biking is a great way to travel around the parks, but be sure to check regulations about where it is allowed.

You will probably find trails specifically designated for biking in most national and state parks.

Horseback riding can be a fun and exciting option while visiting a park, and some parks offer gravel roads just for horseback riding

Whitewater rafting is an invigorating way to visit a park’s backcountry and some incredible scenery; national parks may have river rafting excursions that travel through the park.

Kayaking is another way to explore areas of the park that you cannot reach by hiking, riding, or driving.

If you are looking for an exciting adventure while visiting a park, you might want to try rock climbing, mountaineering, or cross country skiing.

National and state parks are great destinations for terrific family vacations, offering a great variety of scenery and outdoor sports.

Lastly on a related note.

Backpackers use lightweight equipment that can be carried long distances on foot.

Also on another related note.

Many 24-hour Wal-Mart stores informally allow car camping overnight on their parking lots, as do some shopping malls, restaurants, etc.

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