Family Friendly First Aid Kits?

First aid kit is a small kit that is made to help in some immediate treatment to common injuries that may be faced inside or outside of the house. The contents of a kit can vary depending on the place for where the kit is intended. Some indoor and outdoor injuries may vary in nature and a different treatment may be needed for them.

When considering an indoor kit, it should be seen that what types of injuries may be most expected in the home and what could be its intensity. Indoor injuries may include cuts, minor bleeding, pain due to a fall and maybe some others as well. Some bandages and gauzes should be kept in the kit so that they can be used to cover the wound to make it a little safer by protecting it from germ infection.

A scissor should also be kept so that the bandages and gauzes can be cut to the desired size and shape according to the wound\’s shape and size. Anti biotic and cleaning liquid can be used to clean the wound a little in order to proceed with further treatment and with potentially better accuracy. Aspirin and other common pain killers can be used when a pain in any specific body part is felt like an arm, leg etc. For headaches, aspirin can be said as a first choice over any other type of pain killer.

There can be many types of outdoor kits. A camping trip may need different medicines. An auto first aid kit may need different contents. The difference can be mainly due to the varying nature of injuries that can be faced in both incidences.

There can still be some common things that can be found in majority of the outdoor kits which can also somewhat resemble to an indoor kit. An outdoor kit also should have some bandages, gauzes, scissors, tweezers, and some pain killer medicines. Tweezers can prove helpful in removing small parts from the body which can otherwise be difficult to do with any other equipment.

The outdoor kit is preferred to be kept in a waterproof box so that the contents may not have to face any kind of damage due to water. Bandages and gauzes can be water damaged so care should be taken to protect the kit from water by making the kit in a water proof box and trying to keep unwanted water away from the place where the kit is located. is an online store that specializes in the latest Emergency Preparedness equipment, 72 Hour Kits, First Aid Experts, Survival Food and water. To purchase survival products visit:

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