Everyone Should Prepare Outdoor Emergency Kits

Customize the emergency kits along your specific wants. Pack the survival items, which do not fit in the survival tin in bag or pouch that is grabbed easily and quickly and have items that can allow you to live overnight in the wilderness and enhance the chances of being found. I personally use lightweight, durable as well as a waterproof pack with the waist belt and it is large sufficient to carry a first-aid kit. In addition, I keep that always outside my backpack thus I can easily grab it.

Your emergency kits must have a survival bag, cooking pot, food, fuel, and signaling kit and plus some good advice is to include survival notes, create your own or else use one of recommended outdoor survival books.

Cooking pot

Use an aluminum tin, which is light, strong also suitable as the container for other survival stuff.


Use a pocket stove with fuel tablets, as pocket stove is compact, ultra light, and accessible. The stove just unfolds to form the adjustable pot stand and holder for burning the fuel. Moreover, these tablets are a great heat resource for cooking, get warm or start fires. Put in some extra waterproof matches too.


Food bars are preferably suited for the emergency kits due to their huge storage temperature variety and small size and weigh. You require all the extra calories that you may get in the survival situation thus pick high-energy food bars.

Survival Bag

Make use of the emergency bag of the reflective material that will keep you warm.

Signaling Kit

Pack the small flashlight, which will take up little room. Make use of long lasting batteries that are reversed inside thus they will not run down if by chance switched on.

The small hand held aerial indication flares is an ideal wilderness signaling device and they provide most of the effective day and night signal to attract the attention since they are very loud as well as cover a large sighting area and these are explosive as a result, pack very carefully. Read all the instructions that are supplied with flares.

Keep with you every time

In addition, keep in mind whatever is in the emergency kits you need to keep that with you at all times. Never venture in the wilderness without the kits.

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By M. Applebaum