Everybody’s Outdoor Survival Guide: The Green Beret Team Concept Inside Information

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More innovations. Teaches exclusive outdoor know-how found nowhere else. Long range and defensive platform accuracy shooting. Animals for survival. Hand to hand combat, water purification, plus a lot more…. More >>

Everybody’s Outdoor Survival Guide: The Green Beret Team Concept Inside Information

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  1. Survivalists are not crazy and not necessarily paranoid. (Viz.) There’s martial law, the bad guys have poisoned the water supply and your neighbor is stalking your belongings. However unlikely, this nation is not immune to what history teaches can happen anywhere

    Here is a book that involves other people and not just you against the world. This author introduces you to hard times when interdependence takes on new meaning. He talks about pre-establishing a team. Each individual has a necessary talent to contribute to group survival. Everyone understands the necessity to pull together in tough times. It’s quite good actually.

    Prepare by becoming incrementally self reliant in advance of a crisis. It just makes sense, even if you live in earthquake country. Who and what equipment will you need? Where to go, how to find your way around, eat like an aborigine, shoot like Earp and defend yourself and property. What about morale and sanity? By preparing far enough in advance, you’ll have accummulated the staples needed immediately then later you can augment supplies off the land or by barter.

    It’s all practical information given interesting slants based upon the author’s having lived the experiences he is teaching. For more serious consideration you need to complete the knowlege base by buying his other books which he references. In my experience each of his books has merit. His military use of acronyms as memory aids is an effective tool for committing information into memory.

    I found myself becoming aware of a world, albeit again unlikely, in which I could suddenly find myself. Survival afterall has a bomb shelter morality.

    I’m uncertain I’d choose to continue in an instinct driven world but I could do so more certainly thanks in measure to Don. Don preaches survival as an ultimate goal. He’s not extremist. He’s a reasonable thinking man discussing the practicalities of a less than pleasant subject, one which exists in the gray area of possibilities.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. This text is an introduction of sorts into the world of survivalism. While there are many “eat berries and wear loincloth” and “build a $50,000 bomb shelter and stock it with guns and food” types of survival books out there, few (any?)authors have done what Don Paul has- which is take the reader through every aspect of survival and help lay out a realistic plan for the average person to prepare themselves for whatever may come. The concepts layed out are realistic and flexible.
    In this (his first?) book, Don Paul discusses the basics and touches on both short and long term survival situations and how best to deal with them. Each of his books have unique info in them, and put together, you have the blueprint of a complete survival plan. All of his books have continued to sell for about 20 years for several good reasons- word of mouth, valid info, and easy to read, and a bargain. It only cost me about $100 to get all of his books, and they render all of my expensive outdoorsman books obsolete.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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