Emergency Blanket: An Essential Item For Survival Kits

If you are going on a camping trip, make sure that your survival kit has an emergency blanket included. In case of unexpected downpours and windstorms, using them is sure to keep you toasty warm throughout the night.

Shopping Tips for Emergency Blankets
With so many bogus products crowding the market today, authentic emergency blankets, which may also be referred to as space blankets, are harder to find. Use the tips below to make sure that your purchase is 100% capable of keeping you safe and warm in whatever weather condition you find yourself in.

The Right Materials
Basic emergency blankets are made of aluminized non-stretch polyester. Anything else will not be able to effectively or sufficiently reflect your body heat and provide you with the extra warmth you need.

Heavy-duty emergency blankets, on the other hand, are made of a more durable kind of polyethylene. If you’re expecting to meet extreme weather conditions on your camping trip, you’ll be glad to know that this kind of emergency blanket is capable of reflecting 90% of your body heat.

Lastly, authentic emergency blankets are weatherproof. Be sure to test it out for yourself. Emergency blankets must not only be capable of keeping water out but it must also protect your body from strong gusts of wind.

Compact and Lightweight
Because emergency blankets are designed for outdoor use, its manufacturers have ensured that lightweight materials are used for making them to facilitate traveling. If the emergency blanket you are interested in buying is bulky and heavy then it’s probably a fake and won’t give you any semblance of safety or warmth when you finally make use of it on your camping trip.

Be sure to test the flexibility of the emergency blanket. You want something that will effectively mold to your shape even in sub-zero conditions.

If you are of exceptional height or girth, be sure to check the dimensions of the emergency blanket. Don’t settle for anything incapable of keeping you fully covered as this could compromise your health and safety.

Look for something that’s easy distinguishable even in low light conditions. In cases where you’ll have to pack quickly and move to another camping site, you won’t have a hard time looking for your emergency blanket.

It’s Not for Sharing
Last but not the least, not all emergency blankets are designed for sharing and at the most, they are only capable of keeping two persons under wraps. Anything more would render the emergency blanket less effective than it should be.

If you’d like to complete your survival kit, an emergency blanket is a necessary addition. Get only the best emergency blanket with the help of Survival Gear.